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Piers Morgan continues to ‘wage war’ on NHS parking tickets after vowing to pay...

PIERS Morgan has vowed to continue “waging war” on parking tickets that have been received by the NHS staff during the coronavirus pandemic after getting “many” cancelled. I…

Piers Morgan lambasts ‘deranged’ Rudy Giuliani in blazing GMB row

Piers Morgan has slammed Donald Trump's lawyer as "deranged" after the pair became embroiled in a bitter on-air row over the US President's handling of the George Floyd protests. The Good Morning Britain host labelled Rudy Giuliani "unhinged" after the latter lashed out at Mr Morgan for "misinterpreting on purpose" a recent tweet by the US President concerning the unrest.

Running: Canceling Boston Marathon a good call

The Boston Marathon will not be run this year due to coronavirus concerns, but qualifying times for the 2020 event will be honored.