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Happy Birthday! The months ahead will start positively, with a surge of confidence and an ability to impress those at work or school. Keeping this trend going will be tricky, as you’re likely to experience dramatic highs and lows. Travel abroad if you can; if not then travel somewhere that appeals. Expect a sudden surge of common sense to keep you from getting too bogged down with work or school around September, but afterwards take any of the few opportunities to take it easy, as the run up to next year’s summer is looking hectic!

The emphasis will be firmly on your social zone and personal relationships, thanks to communicative influences. It’s a day to clear up little misunderstandings, since you’ll be able to tap into your sensitive side. On the romance front there may well be a discovery or disclosure!

The general vibe will be pretty scattered from the start. On the romance front there may be a sense of anticipation; toutefois, this may not develop into anything visible or concrete. It’s perhaps not a day to share your feelings or concerns, since miscommunication is likely!

The positive lunar aspects lighten the mood considerably. That said; romance may present some challenges for you. It may not be the best day to try and address this: misguiding influences may have you blurting something out, which you might find difficult to retract again!

Generally the supportive lunar influences will be helpful and encouraging. toutefois, one minor influence may well muddy the waters on the social front and cause a few unnecessary tensions in the process. A suggestion may have lots of potential, but you may need to recognize the flaws as well!

There’s a fair bit of optimism in today’s chart. That said; it’s not a day to make uninformed or rash decisions on any front, and it’s not a day to accept off-the-wall advice at face value. Don’t let others have too much say, since they may motivate you into an unwise course of action!

While the airy influences may not have the depth and sincerity you’d prefer, you should find that communications are also well-aspected, especially when it comes to your family and romantic relationships. There’s a certain playful vibe, which will help someone else see you in a new light too!

The general vibe may well appear to be quite stable and reliable. toutefois, thanks to strong oppositions between the planets, it’s possible that you’ll need to rethink your plans for the day, since a forgotten obligation could resurface out of the blue. Don’t be tempted to side-step this one!

It’s likely to be a day where you lose a little of yesterday’s seriousness and gain enough tact, grace and charm to get your own way. That said; do be careful how you interpret certain responses: the airy moon suggests that incoming information may well be incomplete or unreliable!

You’re on the path to some positive changes. Take note of any new information, which may well pave the way to a specific development next week. It will certainly help if you take a longer term view. The source of this news is more likely to be an informal snippet as opposed to a formal missive!

General communications are reasonably well aspected, but only to a point. You’ll have a smattering of insight, but you’ll also have a fairly restrictive approach to a minor problem. It is possible that all someone needs is a little sympathy, as opposed to practical solutions!

A string of supportive aspects bring positive changes for both professional relationships and romance. In addition, any recent difficulties can be straightened out again, since there’s a definite sense of a strengthening relationship on the emotional front. A wise decision is likely to pay off!

On an emotional level it should be a much easier day than of late. Certain issues that may have been bubbling to the surface should ease off. Reoccurring problems may well appear a lot more manageable, although you may need to bear in mind that some things might need to be deferred for another day!

Famous people born on your birthday include: Pamela Anderson, Alan Ruck, Liv Tyler, Missy Elliott, Dan Aykroyd, Leslie Caron, Carl Lewis, Jamie Farr

Charlotte McKinney is a rising Hollywood star and her latest movie about spy-craft looks set to do extremely well. toutefois, the planets also suggest that there may be some difficult emotional times ahead for Charlotte!

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