With just over a week on the job, outgoing CNN presenter Brooke Baldwin raises the curtain on the network’s male-dominated executive staff and how she’s had to’ fight for the stories of women “

“The most influential anchors in our network, the best paid, are men My bosses, my executives, are men The person who oversees CNN Dayside is a man, and my executive producer for 10 years is a man J So I was surrounded by a lot of men, ”Baldwin, 41, said on the magazine’s Ms Podcast on Monday

“I was surrounded by a lot of guys,” she said of her experience working up the ranks

In 2018, The Wrap performed an analysis of the lineup of the week on various networks and found that CNN didn’t have as many female anchors as competitors like MSNBC and Fox News.

The outlet discovered that CNN had half as many former female solos on weekdays with just three to six each on Fox News and MSNBC and none during the 8am evening prime timem to 11 pm

Baldwin, whose last day with the network is April 16, said CNN has started empowering women “little by little” in digital news gathering and executive positions, but that ‘there is still work to be done

“It’s getting better, but we still have some way to go,” she said

When the Peabody Award finalist was asked how the male-dominated management team impacted her ability to tell important stories about women, she said she was never told ” not spoken much “

“I know I personally fight for women’s stories,” Baldwin replied, adding that she had a poster of her CNN series “American Women” hanging in her office to remind her that she was able to finish. the project

In February, Baldwin announced that she would be leaving her roost after 13 years with the network with no further employment planned. She spoke to various media outlets about how the work she did for her book “Huddle,” which emphasizes the power of women when they come together as a collective, inspired her to leave her comfort zone and take on new challenges

The announcement also came months after the network took her off the air and replaced her with political presenter Jake Tapper for the month leading up to the 2020 election. At the time, she made comments on Instagram that seemed to indicate that she was being forced to give up her time slot for a man.

“As the election heats up, political maestro @jaketapper is going to hold back my time and his for the next few weeks. I wish I had been with you, but I will see you on [TV] on the back side of medal of the election, ”Baldwin wrote in a post at the time

When a fan asked “Why are you taking so many weeks off at such an important time?” Baldwin replied: “It’s not my choice”

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Brooke Baldwin

Global news – US – Presenter Brooke Baldwin says CNN leadership is too male dominated

Source: https://nypost.com/2021/04/07/brooke-baldwin-claims-cnns-leadership-too-male-dominated/