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Real Madrid are firmly in control of their Champions League quarter-final first leg following a 3-1 win over Liverpool at Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano in the first leg

A disastrous defense from Liverpool undoubtedly helped the Spanish champions on their way to the 2-0 break in the interval as Vinicius Junior and Marco Asensio took advantage of mistakes The first would get a third after Mohamed Salah’s effort in the 51st minute rekindled hopes for the red side, which will need a remarkable retaliation to advance to the semi-finals at Anfield next Wednesday

But how did each player play in this one? Here are our player notes for the match for each starter, substitute and coach

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All scores are out of 10, and the higher the number the better A zero would be a first minute red card A 10 would be like a dominant hat trick

To be honest, the Belgian didn’t have to deal with much He did very well on crosses but couldn’t do much on goal He will take it Rating: 6

Fairly decent I didn’t make much progress at all, sitting back to help an underarmed defense His positioning to defend the crosses was sometimes stellarRating: 6

The utility man pulled off an inspiring performance He was a sure thing in his duels, got the ball well and was calm and collectedRating: 7

He wasn’t too busy until the second half, and there he wasn’t careful enough Diogo Jota had his shoes rigged on the Reds goal I should have done better but improve over the course of the matchRating: 65

Had the freedom to move forward but stayed a bit behind and performed well, recovering the ball eight times He also won the majority of his duels and looked like a threat in attack Rating: 6

Created a chance and was rewarded with an assist The Croatian was also superb on the ball when passing but didn’t come too far down the pitch Confident and helped to get the ball outRating: 6

Wasn’t involved as much as expected, but that was by design He sat down defensively to help a fine endline and made it enough Had a few chances to do something on offense, but his death was missed Rating: 6

Her opening assist was absolutely world class, serving her on a silver platter for Vinicius He consistently played dangerous balls over the top, even helping to create the second on Liverpool error Completed 941% of his passes, more than any other player Rating: 8

Animated on the left and was able to come in behind Had a good first-half lead chance that almost found his way Delivered halfway through the first half with a brilliant goal with his speed and technical ability in the center of the stage before doing it again in the second The star Rating: 9

Has been in good shape lately and has continued with his careful arrival in the first half It was a big goal that should save him even more minutes in the future Rating: 7

I had some really good runs I had problems getting enough space to take a few cracks on goal He often had two defenders on him but it saw the others flourish He can live with it thanks to the result Rating: 6

Got off the bench for 20 minutes to help see the result defensively and did his job Rating: 6

Zinedine Zidane – Manager Works his magic Only one conceded with so many problems at the back, and the attack really came to life Vinicius’ performance is encouraging and clearly makes him the favorites of the second legRating: 8

Was his positioning as good as it could have been for Vinicius’ goal, where he seemed to be halfway between his line and the ball? Probably not, but he certainly shouldn’t have been beaten at his nearby post for Madrid’s third

A disastrous display in the first half, where it was immediately evident that Real Madrid knew his flank was where he would have joy What is curious is that he is clearly not an incapable defender, he briefly appeared to have saved Liverpool by cutting off a 64th minute counterattack with an excellent tackle into the box, but seemed unable to balance responsibilities on both sidesRating: 3

That Benzema couldn’t believe Phillips missed a regulatory clearing header instead set the tone for the young Liverpool defender He failed to give up when Vinicius sprinted behind for the Madrid opener and was not fast enough for Modric for the thirdRating: 3

A first-half horror show from Kabak, who seemed to panic every time a high ball came his way He almost gave up a third goal in Madrid when Benzema came in to chase and seemed unable to get closer to Modric when the hosts made it 3-1 The coolness he showed at the start of his career at Liverpool is nowhere to be found Rating: 3

He’s overwhelmed with slight praise to say he was the best of Liverpool defenders, but that’s probably all he and one of the backgrounds deserve His time in the final third was poor, defensively, the best that can be said about Robertson is that Madrid quickly realized that the others in their rear were even more accommodatingRating: 4

He was upset Attempting to close every gap in Liverpool’s defense proved too difficult, even for Fabinho, who did not cover himself in glory by letting Modric run away in preparation for Madrid’s decisive third goalRating: 4

If Keita had the misfortune of being addicted before the whistle blasted at half-time, it was only because there were nearly half a dozen more who could have gone to her. square Klopp’s decision to replace Thiago with the Non8 was assumed to be to add pressing and an ability to cross midfield, but a ball retrieval and successful catch showed how ineffective this plan was.Rating: 3

The limits of his passing range were all the more pronounced before Thiago’s introduction, but he was hardly more impressive afterwards Even from deep positions his first instinct seemed to be to move the ball to the side, of the first 41 passes he made, only six went forward, according to OptaRating: 4

A perfectly successful goal was just about everything Liverpool could reasonably expect from Salah on a difficult night for the Egyptian, who in addition to scoring had created half the visitors’ chances after 85 minutesRating: 6

In a way, it almost seems unfair to judge him for not doing the job Roberto Firmino would have done, but Liverpool needed someone to harass Real Madrid midfielders and make sure that they didn’t have the meters of space they needed to pick passes Perhaps the Brazilian might not have revived the tie like Jota did in the second half when his fearless run and creative passing pushed Salah for the Liverpool goalRating: 6

He insisted with his usual urgency but had little else to do in a game where he fed off the remains of those behind him Rating: 5

Liverpool at least had one offensive punch when Thiago entered the fray, their No 6 Adding much needed rhythm to their ball movement Rating: 6

Jurgen Klopp – Manager He made two big changes to the side that crushed Arsenal and both unbalanced their side, limiting their high pressure without the ball and their ability to dictate play with him He could never have expected his players to have played so poorly, but he didn’t put it on the bright side todayRating: 4

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