Premier League banter: They’ve found Gary Neville


The ex-Man United defender is one of those that couldn’t stand seeing Liverpool finally lifting the Premier League title after 30 years of coming second best or not featuring at all. It’s not just the fact they won it but there have been countless times the Englishman has made claims that the Reds would never win it, ever.

Making this even funny for the man who really should be putting his foot in his mouth sometimes, he predicted that his old club, Man United, would go on to win an EPL before the Reds. This was said right at the beginning of the current campaign.

Thankfully, this type of banter material will last forever and will not be able to hide like he did when Liverpool was pronounced as champions of the English top flight.

“I had to watch the video a few times to realise how many of you lot work in this company!” 😂

The person happiest to rub the triumph in his face is his old friend Jamie Carragher. The two have become the centre of attention when United-Pool debates come up and if you ever wanted two players that embodied their club’s passion, it is these two men.

Carragher, on the where is Gary Neville video, you can see he is having the time of his life. Liverpool not only won the league for themselves. They won it for the Stevie G’s and the Carra’s. They were part of those who use to come so close but remain so far from really winning a Premier League title.

The question now is, will the ex-Man United man have a lot to say next season about Liverpool? Or has this fed him humble pies?

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