Thanks for following everyone Great game tonight which was another step forward for the Bombers, and the Swans too

– The pride of the group is definitely what I feel he said – Definitely disappointed and the players are bowled over by the result We’re here to win and disappointed about it But the character, the courage, the determination of the guys showed up to the last second, you know, in a short break travel all these things is character building for our group But disappointed with the result

– We were trying to be pretty tight on our defense and I think we did it pretty well It was – I think the main game today was a really close contested game High pressure competition at dispute, that Sydney has been very strong for a long time

At halftime I think they maybe gave five or six kicks in a row to get back to roughly the level anchor so that was an area we looked at as that group our shutdown stuff, our contested job we got beaten up pretty hard by Sydney again tonight

– The guys are really determined to get better and I think they know very well where we are going as a soccer club They lead it The players are the ones who come in everyday This is a reflection of the way that they showed up during the week and that they showed up for each other on the pitch tonight They played hard together They are disappointed tonight which shows the amount of effort and effort care they have for each other, but they want to move this football club forward Tonight built character and showed courage and determination ??????????????????????????????????????????

– Their pressure rating over the last quarter was through the roof, â € “ Longmire said To their credit they were pretty good We certainly didn’t kick very straight which hurt us a bit on the scoreboard When a team comes in and made 36 tackles in the last quarter, you have to do a lot to win when it was so close to three quarters

â ???? To resist that and be able to do what we needed to do, whether it be a race or whatever, and find a way was executed or whatever, and finding a way was a really good sign

– It is important for a young team to be able to win – there is really dew and wet conditions for most of the night, but especially after half time there has been a lot of ‘water on the grass And quite slippery

– So when you have a team that is in the opposition working very hard, like they did and still find a way, we have some problems sometimes and we can improve in some areas But I think it’s a good thing, that we can still find a way and I hope it gives some players some confidencea????

Lance Franklin is back to haunt Essendon once again, scoring the decisive goal to seal an exciting three-point win for Sydney on Thursday night and continue their miraculous start to the AFL season

Everything was up for grabs in a tense and rambling final quarter at SCG, where the ball spent most of the time locked in the Sydney striker 50 â € “ but the hosts were unable to land the killing blow, with Luke Parker, Tom Hickey, Tom Papley and Nick Blakey among the culprits of missing out on easy opportunities to stretch their lead

– I think they bought energy, – he told Channel Seven – We asked them to go play their part I think the rest is from there They know their strengths They are coming, don’t not trying to do fancy stuff

– They get the job done and the forwards do their job and the individual shine shines through They own that team mentality first and every week a different guy stands up and it’s easier for the guys more aged to share the fort

– I think Don [new assistant coach Don Pyke] has been fantastic We have a lot of focus on both sides of the ball For us our defense has always been the backbone of our football brand And that’s basically how it is that we are turning our defense into attack this year and we have been able to spread the pitch very well

– We have guys who are lightning fast on the outside For us it’s a different look We spend more time in our half and inside 50’s Our goal is basically to keep going to keep the pressure on the opposition in our 50une attack ????

Should Hickey have been pinged while holding the ball? Note that ruckmen are no longer automatically nuts when picking it up in the ruck and are tackled

In other words, they have the same prior opportunity as any other situation on the ground

– It was a great effort, â ???? he told Channel 7 They played some really good football this year and we knew they were going to come out and have a good crack They stepped it up tonight Grinding games is really good It’s a positive thing We have such a young team, but to follow that and win is a good sign

– It’s always good to win It’s obviously been a struggle over the last couple of years, but I think it’s so exciting to obviously be one of the older football clubs that it is. is great to see young children come in

– I think it was initially that it was always the plan, to play one, to miss one, and it’s gone from now on, which should be good ??? ?

He puts the Swans ahead by nine points with two and a half minutes to go

Unreal McInerney on the wing, and the kick was good too Buddy juggles the mark and converts

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