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Attack on Titan hits its long-awaited conclusion this week with Chapter 139 set to debut soon Over 11 and a half years after Eren’s story, Mikasa and Armin started in Shiganshina District, Attack on Titan is finally coming to an end Attack on Titan ends with Chapter 139, which has a Japanese release date of Friday, April 9

However, due to time zone differences, AoT fans in other regions might read Attack on Titan chapter 139 today.

Here’s when Attack on Titan Chapter 139 is expected to release, based on the Chapter 138 rollout

• Attack on Titan Chapter 139 UK release date and time – 4 p.m. UK time Thursday, April 8

• Attack on Titan, Chapter 139, US release date and time – 8:00 am Pacific and 11:00 am Eastern Time Thursday, April 8

As for how you can read Attack on Titan chapter 139, Crunchyroll in its library not only has the Attack on Titan anime (which just completed the first part of its final season) but also the Attack manga. on Titan

If you want to read Attack on Titan manga with Crunchyroll, you need to be a Premium subscriber, which costs £ 799 per month

In the lead up to the release of Chapter 139 of Attack on Titan, the team behind AoT wrote a moving letter to fans thanking them

The letter read: “This world that did not exist before 2009 has been transformed into words and pictures, giving them meaning, into a story, printed in the First issue of Bessatsu Shonen Magazine, and serialized for eleven years and seven months by the hands of Hajime Isayama

“They were by no means eleven years and seven months of good news This series has been visited by unrest, sadness and goodbyes”

He adds: “Even so, we believe that nothing is more precious than being able to share emotions that cannot be expressed in words through a story.

“It makes us happy to have been able to feel this with readers and partners thanks to Attack on Titan

“While this series is over, these memories are sure to warm our hearts. Thanks for reading Our battle has only just begun!”

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Attack on Titan 139

World News – UA – Attack on Titan Chapter 139 release time: How to read the AoT manga ending on Crunchyroll

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