The time is approaching for the end of an era In Japan, the last chapter of Attack on Titan has been uploaded and fans are waiting for it to tour the world While the final chapter is getting closer to its global debut, fans are taking to social media to share their excitement, and fans are understandably excited

As you can see in the slides below, Attack on Titan fans are on another level of excitement.After all, the end of the manga will mark the close of a major Attack on Titan series that is here. one of the greatest series to ever come to Japan, and its legacy will last for decades

Despite its dark history, Attack on Titan has become a story of resilience for some, and its acting is second to none.It’s easy to see why Attack on Titan has worked so well, and longtime fans have feared its finale ever since. over a decade Now the moment of truth has come and fans are admittedly eager to know what fate awaits their favorite characters

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Thank you for attacking Titan or to be exact the creator thank you so much for making this amazing series i loved it so much and am so grateful that I was able to read the manga and watch the anime Will never forget this animepicTwittercom / Q0V2uLi8n4

Attack on Titan was a literal masterpiece, thank you very much for this amazing Isayama series #ThankYouIsayama #AttackOnTitan picTwittercom / OMAomyiBTZ

Before the end of days let me say that the last chapter of Attack on Titan was sad and amazing The content hurts but I am grateful that I got to know and read this manga until its very end thanks to him, we got this masterpiece # ThankYouIsayama # AttackonTitanFinalSeason picTwittercom / pKhCyNnybS

I’ve been waiting a while to say this phrase I finished Attack on Titan Thinking the original season in 2013 was how I got into the anime as a whole It’s something that grew with me and left me with a bittersweet feeling Really a 10/10 in my book Thanks for all the memories photoTwittercom / iP0TuAMd5W

finished reading the chapter for myself and just want to say thank you Hajime Isayama I appreciate your hard work and for creating such a captivating series I loved the last chapter and thought that it was suitable Easily 9Series 5/10 for me #AttackOnTitan # AttackOnTitan139 picTwittercom / qsrU7VxuTX

You will certainly be missed Eren, Mikasa, armin and Captain Levi and Commander Erwin Smith

Attack on Titan manga

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