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Earlier today, comedian Luenell took to Instagram Stories to pay tribute to her friend, New York rap pioneer DMX – with a post that sparked rumors the rapper had passed away

“It’s over, my friend is gone,” she wrote in the post, “Ride Join the best that ever made it RIP DMX” Naturally the post led people to believe that DMX , real name Earl Simmons, had died Which led a number of media outlets to report that “friends of the family” had confirmed his death

In a follow-up story, Luenell clarified that DMX’s body was not dead, just his soul

“When your mind goes and your organs fail you The body becomes just a shell We curl up in the arms of lords That’s what I call missing I’m sorry to all”

DMX was hospitalized after suffering a drug-induced heart attack at his home in White Plains, NO, on Friday April 2 He has been in intensive care, in “vegetative state” since Sunday April 4

Earlier today, TMZ reported that DMX had undergone a series of tests that showed no improvement in the rappers’ brain activity

I’m not one to criticize the way another chooses to use their words, but maybe if someone is on life support, refraining from using “RIP” goes a long way. tactful

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World news – AU – DMX is not dead, Luenell apparently does not know what “RIP” means