I see another celebrity has left and changed their name Well, not so fast It’s not a situation from Andrew G to Osher Gunsberg

Well, what happens then? British actor Thandiwe Newton has revealed that she will no longer be called “Thandie” ???? after 30 years in the film and television business But it’s not really a name change, it’s a claim from the one given to him at birth

Wait But if Thandiwe has always been her name, why did she use another one? It all boiled down to a misspelling Newton told British Vogue that the W was mistakenly omitted from her very first screen credit and that she was left with â ???? Thandieâ ???? since Although she did not name the project, it is believed to be referring to the 1991 Australian film Flirting, given that it was her film debut.

Remind me: why is Thandiwe Newton still famous? You probably know her from HBO’s sci-fi series Westworld.She also portrayed the criminal Val in the 2018 film Solo: A Star Wars Story Along the way, she won an Emmy and a British Academy Film Award

Why is she changing her name on the screen now? – It’s always been my name, – Newton told Vogue – I’m taking back what’s mine ????

Did racism play a role in the original typo? Although Newton did not attribute any specific motivation or cause for the error in her interview with Vogue, she suggested that for much of her career she had felt invisible or put in a box due to the color. of his skin She went on to say that she wanted people to ‘really see’ her and that she does not want to participate in the “objectification of blacks”

Where does its name come from? Thandiwe means “beloved” in Shona, a Bantu language spoken by the Shona people (who live mainly in Zimbabwe) The name Newton was given to him because his mother is the granddaughter of a Shona chief

Has this sort of thing ever happened? There is a long history of celebrities using altered or entirely new versions of their birth names. Wizard of Oz star Judy Garland, for example, was born Ethel Gumm Mindy Kaling, of the office, began using her last name early in her career as a stand-up comedian after discovering too many MCs couldn’t pronounce. the one given to him at birth: Chokalingam Whatever your opinion of the people who anglicize their names, the key question is whether or not it was that person’s choice in the first place In Newton’s case, it seems it wasn’t

When can we expect to see Thandiwe Newton properly credited on our screens? Newton has two upcoming films The first, Reminiscence, is an American sci-fi thriller starring Hugh Jackman Is set for release later this year The second, All the Old Knives, is in production A fourth season of Westworld is also set to begin to be shot later this year

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Thandie Newton

World News – UA – It’s all in one name: Westworld star promises to take back her identity

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