The Kardashians threaten legal action after a photo of Khloé Kardashian in a bikini was posted “by mistake” on Instagram this weekend

The photo in question shows Khloé smiling by the pool in Palm Springs, Calif., and was mostly unedited It was quickly removed, but not before the screenshots went viral on social media social Some Twitter accounts sharing the image have been suspended, facing legal threats if the photo is not deleted

“The edited color photo was taken of Khloé at a private family reunion and posted to social media without permission by mistake by an assistant,” Tracy Romulus, KKW Brands’ marketing director, told Page Six in a press release “Khloé is beautiful, but the copyright owner has the right not to want to remove an image not intended for publication.”

As to whether Khloé has a strong case, legal expert says it could be difficult

“Whether Ms. Kardashian could sue anyone who shared her photo depends on a number of factors, including the laws of the state in which a lawsuit has been brought Some states do not allow “ celebrities ” to sue for privacy violations, and whether she has a valid claim may be based on whether she can prove she has been wronged. in any way through Photo Distribution, IP partner with Cullen and Dykman, says Yahoo Entertainment

“Furthermore, the purpose for which the photo is used also plays a role in whether there is a legitimate legal action – i.e. whether the photo is used for any purpose. commercial or reporting purposes, “the New York-based lawyer adds,” As a general rule, if a photo is used for newsworthy purposes, there will be no valid claim for infringement of a right privacy.It is possible that there is also a claim for copyright infringement – but again, whether Ms. Kardashian has a valid claim for infringement depends on whether the photo is not used for commercial purposes. , it can be difficult to assert an infringement claim “

Still, the Kardashian team move left some on social media stunned.Many people have praised how ‘beautiful’ and ‘natural’ Khloé is in the image, which isn’t heavily edited like most of KarJenner’s pictures

The debacle has also put Twitter’s questionable policies back in the spotlight Many users have called on the company how quickly some accounts have been suspended for sharing the image, while online harassment remains an issue

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