Earlier this week, Kogan unveiled two new mobile phone plans, aptly named the Grand and the Very Grand Plan To celebrate the launch of these plans, Kogan is also offering a limited-time discount The Large mobile plan costs $ 25 per month with 45 GB of data, while the Extra Large plan costs $ 40 per month with 80 GB of data

If you subscribe to these plans, the discount will last for the first 12 months that you are with Kogan After which the monthly plan prices will go up to $ 40 per month and $ 60 per month, respectively

These plans require you to commit to a 12 month contract which can be a bit of a dealbreaker for some.However, the discounts for both plans last for that entire 12 month period. This means that if you subscribe to any of these plans, you will be faced with a minimum annual cost of $ 300 or $ 450.

The offers are available until May 6, there is a little less than a month to take one

If you’re not close to hitting your monthly data allowance, Kogan also offers up to 200 GB of data transfer These two plans are powered by the Vodafone 4G network

You can check out these new Kogan plans and how they stack up against competitive telecom operators in Australia below

Most mobile plans in this data range contain around 40 GB of data for $ 30 per month So in terms of value, Kogan’s Large mobile plans sit comfortably above most of its competition in offering more data for less

It’s only surpassed by CirclesLife, which currently has a promotion that offers 50GB of data for $ 22 per month

For mobile plans in this data range, the average monthly cost is typically between $ 45 and $ 60, with most carriers having around 80 GB of data This Kogan plan hits the average data, but at a lower monthly price than most other telecom operators in Australia

Kogan is lagging behind in terms of data by plans for Vodafone, CirclesLife, Optus and CMobile – all of which offer 100GB per month However, circlesLife is the only telecom company to offer a lower monthly plan than Kogan , at $ 30 per month Vodafone’s 100GB plan also costs $ 45 per month

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World News – AU – Kogan just unveiled two new mobile plans and you can get them at a discount

Source: https://www.lifehacker.com.au/2021/04/kogan-mobile-plans/