Trailer for Loki’s new Disney show confirms that Tom Hiddleston’s character will use a new ability against his enemies in the MCU

Loki trailer confirms Tom Hiddleston character will wield new power in the MCU’s upcoming Disney series, slated for release in June 2021, will explore what happened after the evil god of the divergent timeline with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame

Loki is sure to be an interesting project for Marvel, given that it’s the first to focus on a villainous character Of course, Loki’s MCU story makes it possible to be an antihero for the character, but the version of him in this story still has a long way to go before he can be redeemed It can happen, but it can depend on what happens when he meets the Time Variance Authority (TVA) It has become evident from the footage released for the Disney show that thanks to Loki, it will give viewers a close look at alternate timelines, as well as new and existing corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As to what he will do with Loki himself, it remains unclear.As a major character who has appeared in several MCU movies, a lot is already known about him, but with the extra screen time, Marvel can still squeeze in. ” press his backstory and add new elements to his character

The footage reveals that an addition to the MCU’s vision for Loki will come in the form of a new ability At the 1:48 mark in the Loki trailer, the villain can be seen firing a blast from ‘green energy on an enemy, much like how Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) typically uses her powers in battle In Marvel Comics, this is not unusual for a character whose offensive abilities are mostly rooted in magic, and they are quite common for wizards and wizards like Loki, Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Enchantress, etc. Even so, it’s not something that the MCU’s Loki has done – or at least, it’s not yet a power he’s used onscreen yet

Marvel’s official website confirms he’s capable of it, but it’s worth noting that so far Loki has only created energy blasts by wielding Gungnir and the scepter he has. received from Thanos [via Marvelcom] He hasn’t trained them with his own hands yet, presumably requiring a great deal of magical expertise Apparently, Loki doesn’t actually need a magical weapon to use these attacks in the MCU. isn’t surprising, considering he’s an accomplished wizard who has learned a lot about magic from Frigga (Rene Russo)

Similar to the case of Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), Loki’s mastery of magic gives him access to all kinds of spells, which is probably why Marvel hasn’t had a chance to put this on yet. capacity in value By getting its own six-episode series, Marvel will have plenty of opportunities to tailor a long list of unseen spells from its arsenal to Loki.His adventure through the time flow may cause Loki to use his power set to his full potential needed to his survival

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