Since she started appearing in the trailers, we knew Coco Stedman would be the one to watch this year Bride at First Sight

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The 30-year-old owner of the Pilates studio made the first impression on hen night when she met her married colleagues and quickly offended one when she made a joke about the ex by his co-star Samantha, who is 16 years his senior

However, Coco’s televised wedding wasn’t the first time she walked down the aisle – in 2018, the MAFS star tied the knot for real, but she and her husband went their separate ways afterwards. six months

“She was a beautiful beautiful beautiful soul and I wish her nothing but the best in life but you sometimes it lasts in love and sometimes it hurts instead and I chose my career” , she told Nine

On her wedding day, Coco looked unrecognizable to the bride we see on TV with her blonde hair In fact, we had to do a double take!

Career has certainly been Coco’s main focus in life and in 2017 she quit a job that was “slowly killing her” to start her own business and open her Pilates studio in South Sydney, KX Miranda

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In May of last year, Coco shared a sweet message to mark the second anniversary of her business calling her “baby” and “the love of my life”

“If you have ever walked through my doors, know that I am very grateful and I hope you liked it as much as I did The tears I cried were only overcome by the laughs we had eu “

For anyone who’s stalked her Instagram, there are plenty of snaps featuring her beloved studio as well as her enviable figure. Excuse us while we book a Pilates workout!

Over the years, Coco has certainly embraced her glamorous side and regularly takes to her Instagram to share selfies and sexy bikini photos

However, she admitted that she too did not feel safe on social media and compared to other women

“It’s pretty wild, every time my friends tell me anything about people on Instagram I always think” yeah, but you see their reel, retouched photos, photos during a shred , filters, etc. “,” she wrote on Instagram in January

“But even yesterday I caught myself staring at a girl on the gram and thinking ‘I wish I could look like this’ but I got away pretty quickly Your worth is never defined by your beauty or the quality of your body These are your values, the way you treat the people around you and your own perception of the world “

She added: “I try to do several things every day to achieve my goals and I think it has taken me away from striving for perfection and thinking that I am not worthy if I am not perfect Just flake, inch by inch, mile by mile Love the process Strive but don’t diminish your own worth in the meantime “

Although she has changed over the years, Coco has urged her followers to determine their worth by their values ​​rather than their appearance

Coco is also kind of a medium and explained the reason why she decided to apply for the show and find her perfect match

“I decided to get Married at first sight because the universe wanted it,” she told Nine

“I have my angel sign that I put in the universe and these are blueberry muffins and no joke every day I was like ‘Should I do this? “boom, blueberry muffins would pop up at random”

Coco added that she has never cheated in a relationship (“I’m true to the earth babe!”) and believes she is single because she won’t settle for anything less than amazing.

As long as her partner doesn’t disrespect her, dim her light, or tell her what to wear, you should be okay!

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By Willow Bay, when you subscribe

By Willow Bay, when you subscribe

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