Global Non 1 Novak Djokovic gave a politically correct answer when asked about the allegations made by Olya Sharypova against Alexander Zverev, as the Serbian said we did not know what had happened really happened and added that he condemned any kind of violence

Recently, Sharypova – Zverev’s ex-girlfriend – claimed she was repeatedly abused by the German during their relationship, but it all got worse at last year’s US Open “Well yes I know who you are referring to

I mean, yeah, I mean, I heard what happened We don’t know what really happened I mean, we’ll find out obviously, ”Djokovic said about of the Zverev-Sharypova affair, as Tennis Majors revealed “I’ve known Sascha for a very long time since he was very young

I have always had a great relationship with him Very nice guy I have a lot of respect for him, his family I am the same age and generation as his older brother Mischa, so I was sad to to hear and know that he was going through something like this

“Again I don’t know what happened Of course I mean obviously I can’t stand any kind of violence So we’ll have to wait and see”

“Should ATP be making the kind of policy, yeah, I mean why not? It probably should be in place

But I guess it wasn’t developed and it wasn’t there because we just didn’t have cases like this I think before – I might be wrong, correct me – I mean, in the history of the sport But I haven’t heard that we have maybe the best players involved in such cases, “Djokovic added

“So maybe this kind of case, you know, will kind of inspire ATP to do something like that So there you have it” Djokovic took a straight set victory over Alexander Zverev in the Nitto ATP final on Friday and booked a semi-final against Dominic Thiem

“What else can I say? I said all I could You know it is very unfortunate that this kind of false allegation can cause such damage and distract from sport or those here, but this is the world we currently live in unfortunately

Yes, there is nothing more I can do, “Zverev said of Sharypova’s allegations after Djokovic’s game, by George Bellshaw

Novak Djokovic

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