The second episode of Married at First Sight promised to be a cracker – for better or for worse – after Coco made a good impression on viewers at the season premiere last night

But just when we thought we’d be sorry for the groom who had been matched with Coco, MAFS takes Sam out of Instagram’s algorithm

My impression of the 32-year-old Victorian has nothing to do with his Slim Shady hair, unless the bleach got into his scalp and brain and caused him to spit out some -misogynous liners

As he took a step forward with his adoration for his adorable dog, Willow, he took 15 steps back after listing the essential qualities he looks for in a woman before her wedding

“If I had a shopping list for the girl of my dreams, she would be; athletic, motivated, someone who can give me a bit of a joke, fun and funny, obviously attractive She must have decent breasts, yeah “

“Am I a little picky? Yes I am, but it’s hard for the right reasons, “he said Apparently the” right reasons “have to do with the bra size of a potential partner Charmant

Pilates instructor Coco jokes that she “should have just written WAP” for her vows, referring to Cardi B’s sexually explicit success – which would have made great TV, period

But even though she didn’t call herself a “certified monster, seven days a week,” it was not far from the impression she had made on her groom.

“My new wife is You know, since she’s not, do you want me to be brutally honest? », He asks the producer

The producers probably licked their lips and made Sam go brutal with a “yes”

“Well I don’t wanna look like a hole ** just met her she might be a really lovely person but she’s really f *** king extra and over there”, he said “It’s not my cup of tea”

Hopefully her ‘Kanye to my Kim’ wish wasn’t a sign of the direction of this marriage, but a divorce might not be that bad for Coco


World News – UA – “She’s not my type far from it”