Last week, Tash Sultana celebrated the release of his highly anticipated second album, Terra Firma As part of the celebration of Terra Firma, the Australian multi-instrumentalist performed a few tracks for the album during from the current Fortnite Championship Series

Aired to participants in the Oceana installment of the video game tournament, Sultana’s performance began with “Musk,” the same song that opens Terra Firma The stream once again finds Sultana looping all of her instruments and acting as a one-person group In November, Sultana revealed following a 1,000-person concert in Sydney, Australia that this would be their last show as a loop-focused solo act.

With Sultana’s future as an actor in his own right, this Fortnite set took on added significance as the artist once again showed off the multi-instrumental prowess that made him a household name ever since. ‘Musk’s dreamy electronic beats, Sultana has complete control of the studio as she switches between keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitar, drums, trumpet and more to create a dense brick-by-brick soundscape. p>

After “Musk,” Sultana dismissed him a bit with “Big Smoke” on Flow State 2018 Although the album had only been released three years ago, when “Big Smoke” lined up next to “ Musk ”, it shows how much Sultana has progressed musically during this short period of time. “Big Smoke” also allowed Sultana to show off her vocal abilities for the first time, which she incorporates into her plethora of sounds like any other instrument.

eval (ez_write_tag ([[580,400], ‘liveforlivemusic_com-medrectangle-4’, ‘ezslot_2’, 140, ‘0’, ‘0’])); Things were pushed further with “Mystic”, an indie single Sultana was released in 2017 as their solo careers were just starting to germinate. With the progression of “Musk”, “Big Smoke” and “Mystic”, fans have been able to be told the story of Sultana’s musical development in reverse chronological order This effect made the ensemble’s final song, “Sweet and Dandy,” by Terra Firma, all the more powerful as it brought viewers back to the present and Sultana’s artistic progression became immediately apparent

On March 5th, Sultana will go live for an intimate conversation and acoustic performance of Terra Firma from their studio Click here for tickets and more details

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