Treasurer Josh Frydenberg believes most people will be leaving the JobKeeper program by the end of March, which will make it more suitable

According to him, new preliminary data from the Australian Tax Office indicates that in January 140,000 fewer companies were beneficiaries of the wage subsidy program compared to the previous month, and nearly 600,000 fewer

The Treasury now expects the number of people counting on payment in the March quarter to be around 11 million, a reduction of 200,000 from the 13 million estimated in the mid-budget review year published in December

“Of the 11 million in the March quarter, we expect the majority to remain in their current jobs after the program concludes,” M said on Wednesday. Frydenberg at an Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry conference in Canberra

He admits JobKeeper’s transition will be tough, with some companies having to adapt and workers looking for more sustainable roles

He said the next step will have to target those who need support without hindering the broader economic recovery

“Over the next few weeks we will have more to say about targeted support for various sectors and industries”


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