Bitcoin quickly lost altitude early on Monday, dropping over 15% to below $ 50,000 before rebounding somewhat The downward movement in price came after bitcoin hit from new records above $ 58,300 this weekend

The fall appeared to be accelerating as US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, speaking at a New York Times event, described bitcoin as a “highly speculative asset” extremely inefficient for transactions Yellen also called the amount of energy consumed in processing these transactions “staggering”

The broader market has tracked bitcoin’s drop Ether has fallen almost 10% in the past 24 hours, trading at $ 1,770 after falling to $ 1,546, according to the price index CoinDesk On Kraken Ether Dipped To $ 700, A 64% Crash The Decentralized Asset Finance Industry Is Down Almost 8%, According To Messari Data

Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency in terms of market value, rebounded to over $ 53,000 at 3:12 p.m. UTC, down around 7% in 24 hours, according to data from CoinDesk 20

The pullback could be further extended, as the recent rally seemed overloaded, according to David Lifchitz, CIO of Paris-based quantitative trading firm ExoAlpha

“A 15% correction could occur, evacuating the hot market a bit, before reaching new highs,” Lifchitz told CoinDesk “The more parabolic upward and faster a move, the more fragile it is, so a withdrawal would be more than welcome”

Indeed, bitcoin has seen a dizzying rise in price over the past four months, from $ 10,000 to almost $ 60,000, with just one bullish market correction during the second half of January.

The recent rise from $ 30,000 to $ 58,000 was even stronger, so a healthy cooling of the market appears to be lagging behind – especially as several technical analysis tools, including the Relative Strength Index (RSI) widely followed, report overfished conditions with reading above 70

“Technical indicators like RSI and Stochastics over many chart periods indicate the crypto asset is overbought, implying that we may see a retracement soon,” said Simon Peters, analyst at eToro, in an email

Peters also pointed to a bearish divergence on the technical chart, while warning of weakening upside momentum and potential trend reversal that could cause prices to fall.

The MACD histogram, an indicator used to measure trend strength and trend changes, produced lower highs, contradicting higher highs on the price chart, confirming bearish divergence

The case for lower prices pushes up US inflation-adjusted bond yields, as discussed last week

The 30-year inflation-adjusted return, or real return, turned positive for the first time since June 2020, and the 10-year real return fell to -080% from lows close to -105% observed last month, according to data provided by the US Treasury

Continued rise in yields could push the US dollar higher, putting selling pressure on stocks and bitcoin Stock markets are trading at time of release with S&P 500 futures posting 06% decline during the day

“The pullback can easily extend to old resistance turned to support near $ 42,000,” Joel Kruger, currency strategist at LMAX Digital, told CoinDesk Markets generally shake weak bulls with lower prices. old obstacle levels became supportive before expanding bull races

Bitcoin fell from its then high of $ 41,962 on January 8, establishing this level as crucial resistance and sliding to $ 30,000 in the following days New resistance was scaled in February 8 after electric maker Tesla announced its $ 1.5 billion bitcoin purchase

Crypto analysts expect other companies to emulate Tesla’s decision to buy bitcoin However, they could look to invest on price cuts, according to Lifchitz

“$ 50,000 looks like the first stop for a slight pullback, but a second step could bring it down to $ 40,000, while the $ 30,000 area appears to be the ultimate bottom if things go wrong in the short term” said Lifchitz

However, Patrick Heusser, head of trading at Switzerland-based Crypto Finance AG, said that $ 52,000 is major support, adding that a meaningful correction could remain elusive as the derivatives market no longer presents excessive bulls

Bitcoin’s average fund rate, or the cost of holding long positions in perpetual futures contracts listed on major exchanges, fell (normalized) below 008% early today, after hitting a low multi-month high above 012% last week, according to Glassnode data

While analysts are divided on the possible extent of an impending correction, they expect the cryptocurrency to eventually hit new highs above $ 60,000

“We think the markets are showing a healthy correction,” said Dibb “BTC and ETH are still trading in an ascending channel, and momentum is still biased towards offers”

UPDATE (February 22, 2021, 15:15 UTC): update prices in second paragraph, add effect to other assets, Yellen comments

Dow Jones rallied in positive territory Apple and Tesla shares flashed sell signals Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen issued Bitcoin warning

Inflation expectations have risen sharply in recent months With inflation expectations on the rise, the 10-year Treasury yield has risen to 137% from 067% since Sept 23, the start of a rally in riskier assets benefiting from strengthening economy Higher inflation expectations raise some concern among equity investors, however

Unable to transport customers from around the world on its cruise ships, Carnival Corp expects to sell shares instead

When billionaire financier Ray Dalio makes a move, Wall Street pays attention Dalio, who started working on the New York Stock Exchange floor to trade commodity futures, founded the world’s largest hedge fund in the world, Bridgewater Associates, in 1975 With the company managing around $ 140 billion in global investments and Dalio’s net worth rising to $ 17 billion, he achieved legendary status on Wall Street Summing up his success, Dalio has three tips for investors First, diversify Keeping a wide range of stocks in the portfolio, from several sectors, is the safest way to invest well Second, do not think that the rise in the markets will increase indefinitely It this is the variation of Dalio on an old saw whose past performance is no guarantee of future returns Dalio will tell you that all good past returns guarantee true iment that the current high prices And finally Dalio tells investors, “Do the opposite of your instincts” Or in other words, don’t follow the herd, as such thinking often leads to sub-optimal results. inspiration from Dalio for investing, we used TipRanks’ database to find out if three stocks the billionaire recently added to the fund represent compelling games According to the platform, the analyst community thinks so, with all choices getting ‘Strong Buy’ consensus ratings Linde PLC (LIN) First new position is at Linde, the world’s largest industrial gas producer , whether in terms of turnover or market share Linde produces a range of gases for industrial use and is the main supplier of argon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen, as well as gas niche market like carbon dioxide for the soft drink industry The company also produces gas storage and transfer equipment, welding equipment and refrigerants In short, Linde embodies Dalio’s ‘diversify’ saying Linde’s industry leadership and essential products have helped the company to recover from the corona crisis Company revenues slipped in 1H20, but increased in the second half of the year, reaching pre-corona levels in Q3 and exceeding those levels in Q4 As a sign of confidence, the company kept its dividend stable throughout the “corona year,” at 96 cents per common share – and in its recent statement in the first quarter, Linde raised the payout to $ 1.06 per share This annualizes to $ 4.44 and yields a 17% return. key point here is not the modest return, but the company’s confidence in the security of its positions, which allows it to maintain a steady dividend at a time when many peers are reducing profit-sharing So it’s no wonder that an investor like Dalio is interested in a company like Linde Billionaire’s fund bought 20,149 shares in the fourth quarter, worth $ 5.05 million at current prices.Valuing Linde for BMO, analyst John McNulty expresses confidence in Linde’s current performance “LIN continues to execute its growth strategy to deliver strong double-digit earnings growth, especially without requiring further macroeconomic improvement In our view, the 11-13% guide of management for 2021 Remains cautious, driven by upcoming plans, continued pricing, efficiencies and strong buyouts with strong balance sheet and cash flow In addition, the solid position of the FCF provides them with plenty of dry powder for M&A, caps, etc. We believe LIN is poised to continue surprising investors and outperforming the group as a whole, even in a cyclical market the world’s largest industrial gas company, ”said McNulty Consistent with his bullish comments, McNulty rates LIN as a buy, and its price target of $ 320 implies a ~ 28% hike for the coming year (To see McNulty’s track record, click here) Wall Street analysts broadly agree on the quality of Linde’s stock, as shown by the 15 buy valuations overbalancing the 3 takes It gives the stock its analyst consensus rating Strong Buy Stocks are priced at $ 25088, and their $ 295 Average price target 73 suggests that they have about 18% growth ahead (See LIN stock market analysis on TipRanks) BlackRock (BLK) Next up is the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock has over $ 8 67 trillion in assets under management The company is one of the dominant index funds in the US financial scene and has seen $ 16 2 billion in revenue last year, with net income of $ 4.9 billion BlackRock’s recent fourth quarter report shows its strength, as far as numbers may EPS have come to $ 10.02 per share, a sequential gain of 12 % and a gain of 20% year on year Quarterly sales $ 4.8 billion was up 17% yoy Annual revenue up 11% from 2019 BlackRock achieved all of this even as the corona crisis flattened the economy in 1H20 In Q1 of this year, BlackRock declared its regular quarterly dividend and increased the payout by 13% to $ 4.13 per common share At an annualized payout of $ 16 52, this gives a 23% return The company has kept the dividend reliable over the years. Last 12 years Not wanting to miss a compelling opportunity, Dalio’s fund pulled the trigger on 19,917 stocks, giving him a new position in BLK The value of this new addition? Over $ 14 million Covering BLK for Deutsche Bank, analyst Brian Bedell writes: “We see 4Q’s results as very good with strong long-term net inflows on its products which we plan to continue despite a one-time exit from $ 55 billion in low-cost pension funds index assets expected in 1H21 which mgmt would have minimal impact on base fee income In addition, total net inflows resulted in annual organic base management fee growth of 13%, a quarterly record, on a 7% long-term annualized organic growth We forecast that the organic growth in base expenses will exceed the organic growth in AuM by 2021, due to a combination of flows biased towards higher rate products at this time.To that end, Bedell values ​​BLK a Buy and its price target of $ 837 suggests the stock is up about 18% ahead of it. (To see Bedell’s record, click here) Analyst Consensus Tells a Very Similar Story BLK received 6 buy ratings in the past three months, up from just one Hold – a clear sign that analysts are impressed with the Company potential Stocks sell for $ 710 11, and the average price target of $ 832 17 gives the stock upside potential of 17% (See BLK stock market analysis on TipRanks) AbbVie, Inc (ABBV) AbbVie is a major name in the pharmaceutical industry The company is the manufacturer of Humira, an anti-inflammatory drug used in the treatment of a wide range of chronic diseases, including rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease and psoriasis The company’s other immunologic drugs, Skyrizi and Rinvoq, were approved by the FDA in 2019 as treatments for psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis, respectively, and have combined sales of $ 2$ 3 billion last year AbbVie expects these drugs to ‘fill’ profits when Humira’s patents expire in 2023, with up to $ 15 billion in sales by 2025 Humira is currently the main driver of AbbVie’s immunology portfolio and provides $ 19 8 billion of the portfolio’s $ 22 billion annual revenue 2 billion and a significant portion of total company revenue For the full year 2020, across all divisions, AbbVie has Seen $ 45 8 billion in revenue, with an adjusted diluted BPA of $ 10.56 In addition to its high-level anti-inflammatory lineage, AbbVie also has a long-established drug “stability” in the market As an example , the company owns Depakote, a common anti-seizure drug AbbVie also maintains an active research pipeline, with dozens of drug candidates under study in the disciplines of immunology, neuroscience, oncology and cancer. vir ology For investors, AbbVie has long been committed to returning profits to shareholders The company has an 8-year history of maintaining a reliable – and growing dividend – In the most recent statement, made this month for a payment to be made in May, AbbVie increased the dividend by 10% to $ 1.30 per common share At $ 520 annualized, that works out to a 49% return Once again we take a look at a stock that embodies some of Dalio’s advice Pulling the trigger from ABBV in the fourth quarter, Dalio’s company bought 25,294 shares At current valuation, it’s worth $ 2 66 million Leerink analyst Geoffrey Porges covers ABBV and is impressed with how the company is preparing for the loss of US exclusivity on its best-selling product “Between the growth trajectory of ABBV’s ex-Humira portfolio and a large portfolio of catalysts spanning early, middle and late stage assets, it’s hard to find a better positioned biopharmaceutical company, even with its impending LOE ABBV is ready for 2023 and has growth engines to generate above and below industry average growth before (2021-2022) and after (2024-2028) 2023, ”said Porges Porges gives ABBV an outperformance (ie Buy), and sets a price target of $ 140 which indicates a 33% year-over-year margin of improvement (To look at Porges track record, click here) Overall, there are 10 reviews for ABBV shares, and 9 of them are buyable – a margin that makes the analysts’ consensus rating a strong buy The stock is trading at $ 105.01 and has an average price target of $ 122.60 This suggests a rise of around 17 % over the next 12 months (See analysis bo ursière ABBV on TipRanks) To get great ideas for stocks traded at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all the information about TipRanks stocks Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are those of the featured analysts only The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment

Palo Alto Networks Inc shares fell in the extended session on Monday after the cybersecurity company’s quarterly earnings outlook range fell below Wall Street consensus while beating previous quarter estimates

Shares of ZoomInfo Technologies Inc jumped 13% on Monday after the software-as-a-service company reported fourth-quarter tax results that beat expectations ZoomInfo said adjusted earnings of 14 cents per share on single digits revenue of $ 139 7 million, up 53% from same quarter a year ago Analysts polled by FactSet expected net income of 10 cents per share on revenue of $ 130 6 million ZoomInfo share has risen 6% since its IPO in June The larger S&P 500 index is up 3% so far this year

Churchill Capital Corp IV reportedly set to close deal to go public with Lucid stock, further intensifying competition for Tesla

The global economy wants far more chips than businesses can make, for use in everything from cars to data centers and video game consoles

The Dow Jones Industrial Average Slipped From Late January Records As Current Market Rally Continues The Best Dow Jones Stocks To Buy And Watch In February 2021 Are Apple, Microsoft And Nike

VITALIY KATSENELSON’S CONTRARIAN EDGE pipelines are enjoying a renaissance, but it’s not what you think The previous revival of shale oil and natural gas development was anything but a good result for this industry

(Bloomberg) – The fall in Brazilian markets on Monday is unlike any other the country has seen since the early days of last year’s pandemic Investors have offloaded everything from state-owned companies to bonds and currency after President Jair Bolsonaro ousted the head of oil giant Petrobras, sparking concerns over government interference and a break with his administration’s pro-market promisesThe real was among the worst in the world, even after the central bank stepped in to back it up Equities also lagged major competitors, down 49%, the most since April, and dollar sovereign bonds fell led losses in emerging markets Petrobras shares fell 22%, the most in almost a year, major state-controlled companies down Read more: Brazilian markets crash as Bolsonaro pivots towards interventionism “These negative signals generate fear among investors and, logically, the country’s disinvestment in the long term”, declared Gregorio Velasco, head of institutional fixed income funds at Bci Asset Management in Santiago “We are paying attention to this development because it may have broader and more relevant implications for the Brazilian market »Here are the main market movements: Brazilian real The real has crossed the key 55 per dolla r which served as currency support and extended losses up to 27% before the central bank intervened in the dollar supply through currency swaps The currency ended the day down 13% At 54591 to the dollar, the second worst performance among 31 major currencies followed the BloombergStocksThe Ibovespa fell 49%, the most since April Petrobras stock led to losses, falling 22% due to high trading volume , Credit Suisse Group AG and JPMorgan Chase & Co analysts slashing recommendations Stock put options jump 1310% Read more: Petrobras’ $ 18 billion rout Deepens on Streak of Downgrades Banco do Brasil SA and Eletrobras, also controlled by the Brazilian government, also fell on Monday Earlier, O Globo columnist Lauro Jardim reported that Bolsonaro was planning to replace the CEO of Banco do Brasil – who was has already come under political pressure Rate swaps Swap rates jumped 11 to 22 basis points on the curve as real plunged DI contracts now estimate 445 basis points of rate hikes in the next central bank meeting in March, up from 38 on Friday, showing traders to increase their bets to a half-percentage point hike next month Read more: Brazil’s central bank cornered as populism fuels bets on rising rates Bonds Brazilian dollar-denominated sovereign bonds were among the worst in emerging markets, down around 3 cents on the dollar across the curve Notes due in 2050 had their worst day since June, falling from 31 cents on the dollar to 944 cents, the lowest since July Read more: Brazil’s yield curve moves higher Petrobras bonds have been among the most actively traded on the High-yield emerging market debt, according to data from Trace The 2031 notes, which are among the company’s most liquid, fell to 47 cents on the dollar, the largest drop since June Bonds The oil producer’s century fell to 65 cents to 107 cents on the dollar CDSBrazil’s risk premium, measured by five-year credit default swaps, widened 22 basis points to 187, the highest rise since September, according to ICE Data Services Movement contrasted with Markit’s CDX EM index, which was little changed Five-year Petrobras CDS jumped 35 basis points to 229, the highest since November The likelihood of implied market default over the next five years was 139% (Updates to Brazilian real and stock prices) For more articles like this please visit us at bloomberg Subscribe now to stay ahead with ac source most trusted business news © 2021 Bloomberg LP

The best dividend-paying stocks give a powerful boost to income and retirement portfolios These stocks offer both strong returns and solid performance

Tesla’s (TSLA) investment in Bitcoin (BTC-USD) has brought the electric vehicle company around $ 1 billion in profits – at least on paper, according to Wedbush Securities chief executive Dan Ives

Shares of Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) are on course to take another step in terms of market capitalization, according to Wedbush Securities Apple analyst: Daniel Ives has an outperformance rating and price target of 175 $ on Apple shares, with a bullish price target of $ 225 Apple’s thesis: After Apple’s stunning performance in the December quarter that was reported at the end of January, the company’s shares took a hiatus Ives said The weakness, analyst says, is a short-term failure on the stock’s bullish path The positive view hinges on Wedbush’s Asian supply chain checks, which indicate a strong iPhone 12 supercycle strength through the rest of 2021 “Given the fundamental strength that we are seeing for this supercycle, coupled with a further revaluation on the horizon, we believe Apple will hit $ 3 trillion in market cap by the end of the year,” wrote Ives in the note Related Link: 10 Things Apple Investors Might Want In 2021 Based on the current trajectory and in a bullish scenario, Apple has the potential to sell over 240 million iPhone units in fiscal 2021, Analyst estimates This figure is higher than the current consensus forecast of 220 million units and will likely easily eclipse the previous annual record of 230 million units set by the company in fiscal 2015 With around 350 million of the world’s 950 million iPhones currently in an upgrade cycle window, Ives believes it will translate into an unprecedented upgrade cycle for Apple. ASPs are also trending higher due to the shift in the product mix towards the more expensive iPhone Pro, which bodes well for higher numbers as the March and June quarters approach. According to the firm, Apple’s EV effort is the right strategic decision at the right time. “If Apple only gets 5-10% of the shares, this could represent another major growth pillar within Cupertino and add $ 30 per share at Apple’s SOTP valuation, “the company said AAPL price target: Apple shares are down 24% to $ 12664 on Monday, after losing around 2% year-to-date (Photo by Angus Gray on Unsplash) Latest ratings for AAPL DateFirmActionFebruary 2021RBC CapitalAssumesOutperform January 2021DA DavidsonMaintainsBuy Jan 2021Deutsche BankMaintainsBuy See more analyst notes for AAPL See the latest analyst notes More on Benzinga Click here to buy options trades from BenzingaApple In talks Self-driving car: report Why Wedbush expects Apple to find a EV partner in 2021 © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga does not provide investment advice All rights reserved

Technology Is Changing Our World, With Results Seen In Real Time If you grew up in the 1980s watching reruns of Star Trek, think for a moment of the fantastic gadgets that came off the screen and entered our lives: wearable communicators, laptops, voice-activated systems, to name a few Scotty even automated the Enterprise spacecraft once, so the ship could operate with just five people on board We don’t have a Star Trek transporter and quantum physics tells us we probably won’t be doing so anytime soon, but autonomous technologies are changing the way we move Artificial intelligence systems – thinking computers or AI – are going into production and online, and making their mark across the gamut of the transportation experience We are starting to see autonomous vehicles and support services based on AI on the roads they take With that in mind, we used the TipRanks database to lock in two transportation-related actions that are deeply involved in AI technology Both recently received praise from 5-star analysts, who see double-digit growth potential for each Cerence, Inc (CRNC) Cerence Develops AI Technology As The Brain Behind An Autonomous Vehicle System The company’s technology focuses on voice activation, enabling the creation of “voice assistants” for what Cerence described as a “state-of-the-art on-board experienceAs Cerence applies speech recognition to automotive control systems, VR technology – and its connection to AI – has been around for a few years Cerence can boast of having installed its AI-powered voice systems in over 325 million vehicles already on the road And the company has over 1,400 patents – so there are many more ideas in sight.Cerence’s customers include names from all automotive backgrounds, from iconic Detroit stalwarts like Ford and GMC to names internationals like Volkswagen, Toyota and Hyundai Cerence also hasn’t shied away from new names on the global auto scene – Tata Motors in India is a customer, as is the Great Wall of China Earlier this month, Cerence announced its 1Q21 Results and Better Than Expectations in Revenue and Profit Top of the line, the reported $ 95 million was a 23% year-over-year gain – and a r ecord for company EPS hit a solid 59 cents per share, up 103% year-on-year In addition to strong earnings, CRNC shares have posted consistent gains over the long term Stock is up 362% Over the past 12 months Among the bulls is Needham’s 5-star analyst Rajvindra Gill, who follows Cerence, and he’s impressed “With a rebound in auto production after COVID-19 shutdowns and Cerence’s continued success To gain market share, Edge’s revenue, which is recognized per unit shipped, continues to increase. Management continues to see penetration rates increase, no matter what happens with automotive production in the short term, ” noted Gill The analyst added, “Deploy our model over 10 years [and] extend our forecast from 2025 to 2030 as we increase our confidence in the company’s ability to perform and the recurring nature of its revenue. Our model predicts revenue of $ 1.1 billion in 2030 and free cash flow of $ 367 million. ”To this end, Gill rates CRNC shares as a buy, and his price target of $ 155 indicates his confidence in an increase of around 26% for the coming year (To see Gill’s track record, click here) Among Gill’s colleagues, Apple has a moderate buy consensus rating, based on 5 buys and 3 takes.However, with an average price target of $ 124.38, analysts believe that CRNC is likely to remain limited for now (See CRNC Market Analysis on TipRanks) Rekor Systems (REKR) Maryland-based Rekor has an interesting niche that you probably don’t think often – but one that will see more. huge gains through the application of AI technology Rekor focuses on security solutions for traffic control, especially license plate recognition, but also on automated payment systems that promise to revolutionize the roads toll and drive-through windows Rekor bases its products on recognition technology powered by AI, or the ability of computer-controlled cameras and sensors to spot and recognize individual vehicles in the flow of traffic. The volume of data is enormous; AI is needed for systems to sort affected vehicles Rekor uses an open software platform in its applications, and markets know-how in a variety of niches, including the fast food and toll road industries. mentioned above, but also government transport and public security services Once installed, several applications of Rekor’s artificial intelligence system will help customers improve their income, in part by increasing efficiency, but also by enabling rapid collection of tolls and fees. Over the past 12 months, REKR shares have shown remarkable growth, appreciating 285% Rekor’s earnings have increased alongside share value The company’s last quarter, 3Q20, showed an increase of 40% year-over-year gross revenue, at $ 2 1 million By the end of the third quarter, the company had recorded $ 6 million in total sales for the year 2020, up 60% from same period the year before 5-star analyst Michael Latimore, of Northland Capital, describes Rekor’s expansionary potential as “several shots on target.” Elaborate, he writes, “Oklahoma just launched its uninsured motorist program using Rekor technology this year, and this model is eminently reproducible in other larger states Texas just passed a bill in committee authorizing such a program, and Florida will soon follow MasterCard talks to several quick-service restaurants to deploy Rekor technology to improve customer experience (using nameplate information). ‘registration to speed up customer transactions) Tollways seeks to replace legacy RFID services with better and faster recognition. ”Based on these optimistic comments, Latimore rates the stock as outperforming (ie Buy) and sets a price target of 24 $ which involves a one-year hike of around 44% (To look at Latimore’s track record, click here) Rekor has just started gaining Wall Street attention, and there are only two reviews on record to date – but both are purchases The average price target is $ 25, which suggests a margin for ~ 50% over the $ 1667 stock price in the coming year (See analysis of (REKR Stocks on TipRanks) To get great ideas for AI stocks traded at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all information about TipRanks stocks Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in this article is for featured analysts only The content is intended to be used for informational purposes only It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment

Roku Inc (NASDAQ: ROKU) has been on fire due to its impressive revenue and account growth rates, which have also been fueled by lockdowns and streaming new entrants In addition to ending a record year with Profitable Quarter As Wall Street Expects Loss, There Is More To Come As Ad Dollars Shift From Linear TV To Streaming The rise of Roku streaming services like Walt Disney Co’s (NYSE: DIS) Disney, AT&T Inc’s (NYSE: T) HBO Max and NBC Universal’s Peacock will only continue to drive the cord-cutting trend. Roku’s growth are now even more favorable as dominant streaming services such as Netflix Inc (NASDAQ: NFLX) have shown strong growth trends, despite the emergence of Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) Apple TV and Disney which have managed to exceed its four-year goal in just 14 months by reaching 949 million subscribers As the trend to cut the cord continues and Roku continues to expand internationally, any concerns about its valuation should start to fade Roku is riding the streaming wave in Q4 For the fourth quarter, the streaming company reported record revenue of $ 649 million, up 58% from a year ago.Operating profit swung from a loss of $ 17 million to quarter of the previous year for a profit of $ 652 million, or 13 cents per share, while Wall Street analysts expected a net loss of 5 cents per share, according to FactSet 17 billion hours of streaming in the over the quarter contributed more than 58 billion hours in 2020, double digits representing a 55% year-over-year increase The company’s interface is present in 38% of all smart TVs US-made gents The company does not split a specific line item for advertising revenue, but the platform’s total revenue, which includes advertising, climbed 81% in the quarter 2020 Roku Has Been One of the Biggest Beneficiaries of Pandemic Locks In 2020, around 143 million active users entered Roku Kingdom, bringing the total to 512 million active accounts by year-end, an increase 39% annualized The biggest event of 2020 may have been the long-awaited distribution deal with WarnerMedia for HBO MAX But Roku has also negotiated the acquisition of the Quibi content library that it revealed in January, though it’s still unclear when the content will be released. Original content could transform The Roku Channel from the channel users select when they don’t find anything good to watch to an engaging streaming destination.In addition, the 41% market share of the most-streamed sporting event in Super Bowl LV date is just another wind for Roku’s publicity appeal Outlook Time will tell you what the hottest trends are as COVID-19 recedes Nonetheless, consumers have learned they can watch even the most current theatrical content from the comfort of their own homes Roku delivered an explosive quarter and even the fact that total revenue growth slowed between Q3 and Q4 isn’t a deciding factor as the holiday quarter is historically burdened due to low-margin Roku devices that are popular holiday gifts The heart of Roku’s success is its higher margin, rapid growth, and the fact that it has thrived with new streaming entrants, when analysts mistakenly expected otherwise. Growing and engaged audience that drove platform revenue growth of 81% in Q4 clearly shows why Roku is attracting both advertisers and investors. More importantly, Roku has a lot more room to function as it continues to expand across the globe as streaming is a global opportunity. This article is not a press release and was written by a freelance, verified journalist for IAMNewswire It should not be construed as investment advice in any way, please read the full information IAM Newswire does not hold any positions in the companies mentioned Press Releases – If you are looking for a full contact for press release distribution: tap @ iamnewswirecom Contributors – IAM Newswire accepts pitches If you are interested in becoming an IAM reporter, contact: contributors @ iamnewswirecom Roku’s Ready for the Next Level post appeared first on IAM Newswire Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash See more from BenzingaClick here for Benzinga options trades Traditional automakers are transitioning to electric with these ambitious EV plans happened in Walmart’s success? © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga does not provide investment advice All rights reserved

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World news – CA – Bitcoin briefly drops below $ 48,000 as analysts say rally is overkill, Yellen comments