Once a hot team, the Canadiens have lost three in a row, including the last two to upstart Senators On Tuesday, the club suffered a 5-4 shootout loss to Ottawa, shortly after believing they had taken the lead in the dying seconds of the third period

With less than 10 seconds to go into the draw, Canadiens forward Brendan Gallagher crossed the zone to the front and cut the back leg of Senators goaltender Matt Murray The two stumbled across the game, and the two returned and sought to reset before Gallagher deflected Ben Chiarot’s shot under the bar.

Because it was scored in the last minute, the coach’s on-goal challenge was thrown by Toronto The goal was disallowed after review because, according to the NHL situation room, Gallagher had interfered with Murray’s ability to play his position in the crease before the puck entered the net”

“I’m always looking for an explanation that makes sense,” Gallagher said after the game “We sit down at the start of every season and the NHL makes a video for us The officials see exactly the same video On this piece, I got hit in the ass I got time to reset You can’t tell me the guard doesn’t have time to reset “

An excited Gallagher also commented on the inconsistency of what is considered a good lens: “For me that ruins the product”

If anyone is carefully studying a video about goalkeeper interference and what you can and can’t do, it’s @ BGALLY17 His full comment after an unauthorized goal against Sens: photoTwittercom / axp66D5Rxn

About three to four seconds elapsed between contact and goal During the Oilers-Canucks’ first intermission of the game, Sportsnet analyst Colby Armstrong suggested that because Murray was struggling to find the puck after being returned, the goal was disallowed

Explanation of the challenge launched by the situation room at 7:57 p.m. of the third period in the game @CanadiensMTL / @Senators https: // tco / AVdFRg0Ufe

The game sparked an uproar on social media as hockey pundits and fans weigh in on the no-goal

How long does a goalkeeper have? The game continued and Murray was not hindered Looks good to me

He walked through the paint He is not allowed to come into contact with the goalie who walks through the paint He did More-He led the league for two years with the most penalties for goalie interference goal He should know Easy for him to reset he was facing the puck Murray was on his back facing the sky

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World News – CA – Brendan Gallagher of the Canadiens on a forbidden goal against Senators: “ I’m punched in the ass I have time to reset ‘

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