Tanner Pearson has been a strong second-row forward for the Vancouver Canucks over the past two seasons and changed Aligned left side of Bo Horvat, Pearson has faced tough competition night after night and has accumulated 76 points in 138 games for the Canucks in the regular season and playoffs

To accompany his performance on the ice, Pearson is well regarded in the Canucks locker room and has experience of winning the Stanley Cup from his time with the Los Angeles Kings

“Tanner is a big player in our squad I think since we traded for him he and Bo have been really good together,” Canucks general manager Jim Benning said a month ago. “He’s a real pro, like, he sets an example, he plays the right way, he is strong on the walls, he arrives in front of the net But the way he handles himself on a daily basis is a guy we want our young players to be around He won a Stanley Cup, I think he contributes to our culture in our hall and in our group “

All of this explains why Benning renewed Pearson on a three-year contract with an average annual value of $ 3$ 25million None of these things, however, help his new contract make sense for the Canucks.

Pearson’s past performance is not the problem, even though he has only scored 6 goals in 33 games this season as he played the opening minutes in the top six and on the power play The issues are manifold: How will Pearson fare going forward, how his new contract fits into the Canucks’ salary cap and why his contract was a priority ahead of the very important second contracts. for stars Elias Pettersson and Quinn Hughes?

There’s the three-year contract he offered Sam Gagner worth $ 3 15million a year.After just one year, Benning buried Gagner in the miners Then there’s Sven Baertschi, with a three-year contract worth $ 3.37 million a year after finding a home on the Canucks’ second row A year later, Baertschi was also buried in the miners

That’s not to say Pearson will face the same fate as Gagner and Baertschi The Canucks have a few other examples of futures signed for multi-year deals worth around $ 3 million a year that have been successful. to remain in the range, even when they have not reached their cap hit: Jay Beagle and Antoine Roussel

The late Jason Botchford called the Canucks’ obsession with bland mid-six forwards as the “Sea of ​​Granlunds” Maybe we’ll have to refer to this in the future as the Profusion of Pearsons

The Canucks have bad contracts coming off the books after this season and the next, including those belonging to Beagle and Roussel, but it doesn’t matter if bad contracts expire when you keep signing new bad contracts

The truth is, Pearson is unlikely to be a second-line striker during his three-year contract His game has declined in recent seasons and he will be 29 years old before his contract begins.For studies on aging curves, players typically decline in their late twenties and worsen steadily after leaving. age 30

In a good team, Pearson is probably a third row forward starting this season and he is likely to get worse in the years to come

Even more troubling is the ceiling space Pearson occupies, especially as the Canucks have yet to re-sign Pettersson and Hughes With Thatcher Demko already re-signed at $ 5 million a year, the space of ceiling tightens again

The problem isn’t signing Pettersson and Hughes again – obviously that will be done The problem is how much headroom will the Canucks have left to improve in other areas in order to s’ improve for the future

Canucks have just two NHL defensemen signed for next season, as well as Hughes when he gets his new contract Defense is the area where the Canucks need improvement the most Where will come from this improvement when they have no ceiling space to work?

Re-signing Pearson also removes one of the Canucks’ only trade tokens from the board. Especially with the rest of the squad facing a COVID-19 outbreak, Pearson was one of the few players who could potentially be traded, even if he hurt himself In a season where it seemed clear the Canucks weren’t going to make the playoffs over a month ago, they’re missing out on a chance to improve for the future at the expense of re-signing a player. that should never have been a priority

Pearson even received a no-trade clause in the first year of his new contract, adding to the number of such clauses at the top of the Canucks League According to Athletic’s Thomas Drance, he has a modified no-trade clause in the second year of the contract.If the deal is delayed as Drance says and Pearson’s game falls as planned, he won’t need to trade protection the third year – the contract itself will be the no-trade clause

At a time when the Canucks had to be super efficient with their contracts, Pearson’s new offering just doesn’t match

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Tanner Pearson

World News – CA – Canucks keep making the same mistake, report Pearson again at 3, $ 9 75 million trades

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