Jill Duggar disagrees with her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar It shouldn’t come as a surprise Most of the Duggar kids have chosen to remain silent on which side of the fight they fall, However, followers of the Duggar family wondered which of the Duggar siblings agreed with Jill and which were true to their parents’ beliefs. Now Joy-Anna Duggar is confirmed to be firmly on Team Duggar Jill’s mother of two and former boss loved an Instagram confession that criticized Jill and Derick Dillard for ‘taking advantage’ of the family breakup

Jill Duggar has been at odds with the Duggar family for years For over a year, Derick Dillard, Jill’s husband, was the only one openly discussing what was going on behind the scenes with the family Suddenly, at the end of 2020, Jill found her voice In an interview with People, Jill spoke about what was going on inside his family

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Before confirming the household issues to the media, Jill was making her position known on important issues via Instagram She recounted her decision to wear pants, cut her hair, drink alcohol and send her oldest son, Israel Dillard, in public school for kindergarten All of his recent decisions appear to be in stark contrast to his family’s beliefs

Jill and Joy were incredibly close Joy was part of Jill’s buddy team, and the couple seemed to enjoy a close relationship even in early adulthood That seems to have changed now, however Joy has been rather silent about the changes in her older sister, but has subtly revealed that she doesn’t agree with what she is doing or, at the very least, that she disagreed with the way Jill had publicly spoken about family issues

On February 9, Instagram account DuggarBates_Confessions posted a fan-submitted confession that read, “I realize Jill Duggar has to distance herself from family for mental health reasons, but I don’t understand why they have to solve their problems with the family Public Speaking out against them will burn more bridges between them They say they want to mend their relationship someday, but their actions don’t reflect this If I have a problem with my family, I treat it in private and I certainly don’t count on that going to the media… ”The Confession then accused Jill and Derick of taking advantage of their family issues The confession would have been lost in time if only Joy hadn’t liked the post Liking the comment, she essentially confirmed that she did not agree with Jill’s current behavior

Fans who noticed Joy’s Instagram activity were a little shocked After all, Jill and Joy were close Many fans speculated that Joy was one of the Duggar children who supported Jill’s decision with Joy confirming almost that she doesn’t support Jill, followers of the family wonder which of the Duggar children stay in touch

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It seems pretty clear that Jessa Duggar also doesn’t support Jill and Derick’s decision to walk away from the family.In an Instagram comment, she essentially called out the lying duo Jessa responded to an Instagram comment by claiming that Jill and Derick are invited to family events but choose not to attend Jessa and Jill could be on Team Dugger; Still, followers of the family believe Jill and Derick have allies Amy Duggar, the family’s rebellious cousin, came to support Jill and Derick on Instagram and Twitter It is also believed that James Duggar, who was also in the group. of Jill’s pals, and several of the other young Duggar boys have a relationship, even while still living on the Duggar family compound.

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World News – CA – Duggar News: Joy-Anna Duggar liked an Instagram post that criticized rebellious sister, Jill Duggar

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