Even though Edmonton Oilers general manager Ken Holland has said he doesn’t foresee any major trades before the NHL trade deadline, never said the Oilers are coping if well this season they’re pretty much a lockdown to qualifying for the playoffs, but right now many think they shouldn’t be making big trades this season and continue with the task at hand.

Either way, rumors are indeed mounting between the Oilers and ever-popular Buffalo Sabers left-winger Taylor Hall In an article written by David Staples of the Edmonton Journal, the former general manager Doug MacLean spoke to radio host Reid Wilkins and gave a little tidbit about the latest rumors involving the Oilers potentially trading for Hall:

“I also heard yesterday that they were talking about the guy from Buffalo everyone wanted: Taylor Hall I think: how is this going to work How did Taylor Hall get there on a The guy told me that they were considering a deal that would have them both doing for less than $ 12 million for both (Hall and RNH), and that it would work next year. It was a reasonable source who said so “

Would it make sense for the Oilers to choose this trade route for Hall? In the grand scheme of things, non Holland has already spoken to the media on several occasions this season and made it clear that with their salary cap situation and reluctance to part ways with future draft picks, it wouldn’t make sense for the future

As for the Netherlands, he’s sticking to his old-school approach of continuing to build a championship-worthy squad through draft draft and proper development of prospects that just wouldn’t have any impact. meaning for Holland to trade for Hall and then start juggling which players to keep, let go and find the right place for Hall to thrive

As it stands, the Oilers are built for the playoffs but will likely need a year or two before everything falls into place You know, a few more years of good drafts, clever free agency pickups and their young prospects developing the right way to really take off. You can’t add the few missing pieces needed for a rising hockey team like the Oilers if you are doing big trades and giving out the best draft capital, which will slow future progress.

Hall is a good hockey player, but it’s not like the Oilers are in dire need of another left winger when they have more than capable internal options It would be best for the Oilers to stay alert , keep their future draft picks and keep doing what they’re doing this season For now, all of those rumors involving Hall are just that as the NHL trade deadline falls on Monday, April 12, 2021.

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World News – CA – Edmonton Oilers Rumors: Analysis of Latest Taylor Hall Trade News

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