COB and CEO of Facebook Inc (30 years financial, insider trading) Mark Zuckerberg (insider trading) sold 44,750 shares of FB on 2/19/2021 at an average price of 263 $ 83 a share Total sale was $ 11 8 million

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Facebook Inc is the world’s largest online social network Its products are Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp and Oculus Its products allow people to connect and share via mobile devices and personal computers Facebook Inc has a market capitalization of $ 741 33 billion; its shares traded at around $ 260 330,000 with a P / E ratio of 2,578 and P / S ratio of 874 Facebook Inc has recorded average annual EBITDA growth of 4,290% over the past ten years GuruFocus has ranked Facebook Inc at 5-star business predictability rank GuruFocus has detected 2 serious warning signs with Facebook Inc

COB and CEO, 10% owner Mark Zuckerberg, sold 44,750 FB shares on 2/19/2021 at an average price of $ 263.83 The price of the stock has fallen 133% since

COB and CEO, 10% owner Mark Zuckerberg, sold 44,750 FB shares on 2/18/2021 at an average price of $ 268.53 The price of the stock has fallen 305% since

COB and CEO, 10% owner Mark Zuckerberg, sold 44,750 FB shares on 2/17/2021 at an average price of $ 272.14 The price of the stock has fallen 434% since

COB and CEO, 10% owner Mark Zuckerberg, sold 47,344 FB shares on 2/16/2021 at an average price of $ 274.24 The stock price has fallen 507% since

COB and CEO, 10% owner Mark Zuckerberg, sold 44,750 FB shares on 02/12/2021 at an average price of $ 269.52 The price of the stock has declined 341% since

CFO David M Wehner sold 2,632 FB shares on 2/17/2021 at an average price of $ 270.44 The price of the stock has fallen 374% since

Chief Accounting Officer Susan Js Taylor sold 2,707 FB shares on 2/18/2021 at an average price of $ 269.47 The price of the stock has fallen 339% since

Vice President and General Counsel Jennifer Newstead sold 429 FB shares on 09/02/2021 at an average price of $ 267.25 The price of the stock has fallen 259% since

Vice President and General Counsel Jennifer Newstead sold 310 FB shares on 02/02/2021 at an average price of $ 265.53 The price of the stock has fallen 196% since

Vice President and General Counsel Jennifer Newstead sold 310 FB shares on 01/26/2021 at an average price of $ 278.08 The price of the stock has fallen 638% since

The Tesla chief’s wealth has been hit hard as investors soured on Bitcoin and the electric car maker

Venezuela is shipping kerosene to Iran in exchange for essential gasoline imports for the South American nation as part of a swap deal struck by the two state-owned oil companies, three told Reuters people aware of the issue Iran has stepped up aid to Venezuela since last year as the United States tightened sanctions against the two countries, hitting oil exports from state-owned companies Petroleos de Venezuela and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC ) Iran has sent flotillas of state-run tankers carrying gasoline and automotive fuel raw materials to Venezuela, along with equipment and spare parts to help this once prosperous OPEC country restart its dilapidated refineries

Buffett recently doubled his energy investments while reducing his tech and banking holdings, and he’s not the only billionaire making big strides in energy in 2021

Even after falling prices of more than $ 10,000 in the past two days, analysts expect more sales to come

(Bloomberg) – $ 1 from President Joe Biden A $ 9 trillion relief plan, plus the prospect of further stimulus later this year, sets the stage for a move away from historically treasury yields low, which will likely lead to a resumption of volatility in the currency markets US yields rose even before the plan arrived, giving some idea of ​​what might be in store BlackRock Inc sees up to $ 2.8 trillion additional budget spending this year and the risk of a further hike in long-term rates BNY Mellon’s John Velis says a 10-year Treasury yield of 2% is possible by April amid “crisis of anger without the reduction ”in Federal Reserve bond purchases And currency volatility is so low it’s almost certain to increase, says Harley Bassman, creator of a widely watched gauge of Tré market movements For weeks, the million-dollar question for many investors was whether the dollar’s $ 9 trillion relief plan would mostly go through the financial markets – as the first package did – or actually find its way. further path in the US economy, where it could trigger shifts in spending and investment beyond the initial size of the stimulus The wave of reflation bets sweeping through global markets indicates that this latest narrative is taking on greater significance. place, which suggests that these transactions may have leeway“There’s a lot of stimulus going on that could total $ 2-3 trillion at the end of the day,” said Velis, an FX and macro strategist at BNY Mellon, by phone. This includes another package later this year focused on on infrastructure and growth, he saidYields began to gradually rise in January after Democrats appeared poised to take control of the Senate, pushing the 10-year above the previously elusive 1% level The rate, currently around 137%, is now at its highest level in nearly a year, but the increase in yields has not been accompanied by corresponding reactions in the forex market, which has remained largely stable. for example, is the CBOE EuroCurrency Volatility Index, which tracks the projected short-term volatility of the euro-dollar exchange rate It was mainly on a downward trend in 2021, not far from the lowest levels of the past 12 yearsRising rates are the first place a stronger growth and inflation outlook is reflected, and this should be followed by currency volatility.A place to watch is the yen, which has one of the implied currency thefts lowest among major currencies, and has “more leeway to rise,” says Velis Meanwhile, he sees the dollar’s next direction as “somewhat ambiguous” Turbocharging the Restart At BlackRock Inc, the world’s largest fund manager, the new budget spending is seen as “supercharging the reboot” of the U.S economy, with additional spending only ensuring more support, according to a note from Jean Boivin, head of the company’s research arm, and others They see a major risk of a further increase in long-term returns “As markets grapple with an economic recovery that could exceed expectations”, which could trigger episodes of volatility They downgraded their view on government bonds, while broadening their pro stance -risk, in particular by promoting actionsThe implied volatility of a wide range of financial instruments is currently “poorly valued and too low,” said Bassman, inventor of what is now known as the ICE BofA MOVE index, the most-watched benchmark. of Wall Street for interest rate volatility He says that the combination of fiscal and monetary policy undertaken by the Biden administration and the Fed “can create volatility in both directions.” While greater volatility in interest rates should translate into volatility in currencies, he said, “the forecast is now much more difficult” “The bond and currency markets have incorporated an initial $ 1.9 trillion stimulus that turns into transient inflation and a surge in demand that shrinking, “said Thomas Graff, a portfolio manager who helps oversee $ 100 billion at Brown Advisory in Baltimore.” What has not been factored in is a sustainable and booming economy If the push budget is enough to put the US on a higher growth plan, which likely drives a higher dollar and makes currency markets more volatile ”For more articles like this, please visit us at bloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted source of business news © 2021 Bloomberg LP

HSBC is set to pull out of US retail banking, a source familiar with the matter told Reuters on Monday, as Europe’s largest bank sought to divest a company that has long underperformed The exit US consumer activities will be part of the lender’s strategy update slated for Tuesday, as chief executive Noel Quinn looks to cut costs, increase commission income, and continue the lender’s transition to the Asia The sale or closure of its approximately 150 remaining branches in the United States, after closing 80 branches last year, would mark the end of HSBC’s struggle to turn around a company that has struggled to win against its national rivals in place

With declining liquidity in the bitcoin market, small transactions can have a relatively large impact on prices

Plans by Britain and the European Union to set up a new financial cooperation forum by the end of March have made progress, but this will not automatically lead to access at the market, senior officials said Tuesday Britain’s trade deal with the EU that came into effect when it left the single market on December 31 does not cover financial services, leaving the City of London largely adrift of its largest market of export Trading in euro-denominated shares and swaps has already left London for the EU and New York

(Bloomberg) – World-class vaccination campaign brings UK markets back to life With one in three adults receiving at least one shot, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just set a roadmap to lift the lockdown – giving multi-asset bulls new ammunition Among the biggest moves of the end: the pound rallied faster than any other major currency this year UK stocks generated outsized dollar gains Companies took advantage of a borrowing windfall that seems historic For many investors who fled in the wake of the 2016 Brexit vote, buying Britain today looks like a safer bet “We refrained from being overweight UK stocks for many years, as it has dragged on a lot in other regions since the Brexit referendum, ”said Michael Herzum, head of macroeconomic strategies at Union Investment to Francfo rt He now buys the FTSE 250 while selling the Eurostoxx index Here’s how the catch-up trade goes Monetary supremacy While the country has one of the fastest vaccination programs in the world, the British pound is one of the fastest growing exchanges hot spots in currency markets – gaining around 25% against the dollar this year Last week it broke the $ 1 40 threshold for the first time since 2018, while rising to its strongest against the euro from the depths of the pandemic panic last March Sterling rally may now have fresh legs, as UK- eurozone monetary path diverges “Rate markets begin to assess in future decoupling between ECB and BOE policy outlook , aided by the BOE which effectively killed market speculation on negative rates, “said Valentin Marinov, head of G-10 currency research at Credit Agricole. on the UK bond benchmark also rose faster than its European and US peers in 2021, as markets forecast a strong economic rebound and rising inflation expectations Another indicator of the business cycle signals more good news The country’s yield curve – measured by the difference between five and 30-year debt rates – is steepest since 2018, due to moves in longer maturities FTSE fans even UK stocks are finding more love these days Here For years billions have fled the Brexit-whipped market – dubbed the world’s least loved region Now negative bets are on the decline, according to this month’s Bank of America Corp poll A net 10% of respondents have a bearish positioning against 34% three months ago Sentiment is the next price As the FTSE 100 lags behind the Stoxx Europe 600 index this year, based on the dollar, the ind ice outperforms a large number of companion gauges in the regionThe rise in the UK currency led the FTSE 250, which is more exposed to the domestic market, to outperform the exporter-oriented FTSE 100 since the market bottomed in March 2020And there may be more juice left in the rally, with cheaper valuations and higher dividend yields than global peers Borrowing Bonanza All of this helps UK borrowers At 38%, the average yield on sterling bonds, a hint borrowing costs, near all-time lows This pushes UK pound corporate bond sales to fastest annual start in five years Supermarket chain Asda Group Ltd has shown market hospitality for UK risk This month, valuing the biggest corporate bond ever made in the UK currency at £ 225bn ($ 3-15bn), as part of its buyout financing The junk sterling debt offers a close rally in yield 180 basis points once currency hedging costs are factored in and outperform their peers in Europe – a selling point for Deh investors ors of the country “A Brexit deal and vaccine success means many investors are starting to review,” the UK market, said Nicolas Trindade, portfolio manager at Axa Investment Managers, which manages £ 758 billion ($ 1 1 trillion) The picture is different for good quality securities which are more prone to interest rate risk than their euro counterparts The longer average duration of corporate debt in sterling means that it suffers from rising yields on gilt – for investors who have suffered the biggest loss since 2008 (Updates with UK economic reopening plan in second paragraph) For more articles like this please visit us at bloomberg Subscribe now to stay tops with most trusted source of business news © 2021 Bloomberg LP

IAG, owner of British Airways, said on Monday it had increased its total cash flow by £ 245bn ($ 3-4bn) by deferring pension contributions and finalizing a loan, which will help it survive longer at the travel crisis “In addition to these arrangements, IAG continues to explore other debt initiatives to further improve its liquidity,” IAG said in a statement

Jerome Powell is likely to reiterate the Fed’s pro-stimulus stance later today, possibly putting a floor below bitcoin and stocks

A dip in the price of Bitcoin spilled over into shares of Tesla Inc, which recently revealed it had $ 5 billion in cryptocurrency investments and criticized exchange-traded funds holding the action on Tuesday Tesla shares in turn fell 33% to $ 690.59 Tesla shares drop hit exchange-traded funds (ETFs) such as the ARK Innovation ETF, down 49% and ARK Autonomous Technology ETF & Robotics, down 43%

Battery makers are desperate to bring new sources of lithium online Now the European discovery of a little-known company could prove to be the right asset at the right place, right time

Shares of the company, down 44% last year, climbed 9% in morning trading, as Royal Caribbean said it had seen a 30% increase in new bookings since the start of the year compared to November and December Analysts have also suggested that Royal Caribbean and its peers Carnival Corp and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd gradually resume travel during the second half of this year, after the several-month shutdown triggered by the pandemic.

(Bloomberg) – Now that the lights are on in Texas again, the state must determine who is going to pay for the energy crisis that plunged millions of people into darkness last week It will likely be ordinary Texans price so far: $ 50 6 billion, the cost of electricity sold from Monday morning, when the blackouts began, to Friday morning, Bloomberg estimates NEF This compares to $ 4 billion for the previous week Some of these costs have already passed on to consumers, as electricity customers exposed to wholesale prices spiked electricity bills as high as $ 8,000 last week Other customers won’t know what they’re doing until they receive their gas and electric bills at the end of the month Ultimately, the financial pain will likely be shared by taxpayers and taxpayers said Michael Webber, professor at the University of Texas at Austin and scientific director of French electricity company Engie SAIf before US electricity market failures are any guide, Texans could be on the hook for decades Californians, for example, spent about 20 years paying for the Enron-era electricity crisis from 2000 to 2001 , via supplements on utility billsCPS Energy, which is owned and operated by the City of San Antonio, said on Twitter it was looking for ways to spread last week’s costs over the next 10 years. This did not please his clients, who spoke out against the company’s proposal at a board meeting on Monday. “Spreading the cost of this event over a decade is unacceptable,” said Aaron Arguello , an organizer of Move Texas “Customers are already in debt with student loans, mortgages and other payments” But businesses that have suffered huge losses as the cost of electricity skyrocketed last week will inevitably try to recoup them via their customers, taxpayers or obligations How quickly Texans pay depends on their supplier Gas utilities typically pass costs on to customers at the end of the monthly billing cycle, said Toby Shea, credit manager at Moody’s Investors Service. Municipal utilities, co-ops and regulated electricity providers have the ability to spread costs over a longer period “It is very easy for a government to spread this out for many years, even a few months,” a- CPS CEO Paula Gold-Williams said last week that the company could also issue bonds to help pay for the natural gas it bought at inflated prices.Some utilities are looking to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in cash to spread costs over 10 to 20 years, said Scott Sagen, associate director of US public finance at S&P Global Ratings Rayburn Country Electric Cooperative Inc, for example, fully used its $ 250 million syndicated line of credit and recently entered into a $ 300 million bilateral line of credit with National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corp for a year, according to a S&P report released on Monday A number of utilities are in talks with their banks to get cash to pay off their current debts so that they can then take out a bridging loan that they will convert into long-term bonds “They try to smooth these costs out as much as possible and provide cover to their customers “Sagen said. But smaller retailers who tend to be lower capitalized Sized and less well-hedged have limited options One such firm, Griddy, said last week that it would challenge prices set by the network operator during the crisis, with the apparent aim of recouping losses for itself and its clients Another company, Octopus Energy, said on Monday it would forgive any energy bill exceeding the average price of electricity for the week and eat up the resulting losses, which could run into millions of dollars.The state’s utilities regulator on Sunday barred electricity sellers from disconnecting customers for non-payment, saying the governor and lawmakers needed time to develop a plan to pay the bills first extremely high Texas lawmakers will likely resume discussion of consumer aid in their committee’s crisis hearings starting this week, a spokesperson for the Texas Utilities Commission said.In theory, lawmakers could pass an emergency bill that could cover the excessive costs charged by generators during the crisis, said Julie Cohn, an energy historian affiliated with the Center for Energy Studies at Rice University and at the Center for Public History at the University of Houston “Another element would be to say that you can have a competitive energy market that we have, but prohibit the supplier from tying the price directly to the wholesale price, like Griddy does.”It would be easier to do in a state that takes a tougher regulatory approach to its electricity market, according to Webber. But Texas has decided to take a more practical approach with its deregulated system,” he said.“The question is where will the money come from?” Shea said, “Is Texas going to bail out some customers?” It’s not their attitude to how they run their market or their economy ”For more articles like this please visit us at bloombergSubscribe now to stay ahead with the news source of most trusted business © 2021 Bloomberg LP

In response to a Financial Times article, IG said it would withdraw less than 8% of the 12,000 leveraged equity products on offer Leverage products allow traders to increase their exposure to the market with a relatively low capital investment The big bets of individual investors, particularly on the shares of US retailer GameStop, have triggered massive price swings in some stocks around the world, leading some people to make big profits, but leaving others to face big losses

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World News – CA – Facebook Inc (FB) COB and CEO Mark Zuckerberg Sold $ 11 8 Million Shares