On Tuesday night, The CW’s most popular series finally returned for its seventh season after a long hiatus due to a pandemic While The CW has already renewed The Flash for an eighth season and as the First six seasons are currently available to binge-watch on Netflix, fans are understandably the most concerned with the new episodes When, where and how to watch them and all that good stuff We got it and we’re here to help

First off, you can tune in to The Flash on The CW every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. ET for new Season 7 episodes It’s the easiest way to keep up to date with new episodes.

Of course, not everyone is part of a traditional linear pay-TV package (raise your hand) If you’ve ever cut the cord, you can still watch The Flash Season 7 online using of live streaming services including Fubo TV, Hulu With Live TV, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV There’s also the handy CW app, which is available on most major streaming devices, including Apple TV and Roku There , new episodes fall the day after the episode is broadcast on television Fairly useful

As for Netflix users, unfortunately there is no next day availability here in the US.If you’re outside of the US, The Flash Season 7 airs weekly on Netflix in select regions, including Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Greece, Israel, the Netherlands, Romania and Slovakia Traditionally, new seasons of The Flash are uploaded to US Netflix eight days after the season finals aired on The CW, by Decision Maker Normally, The Flash airs October through May, giving fans a nice early summer Netflix frenzy to catch up on. But due to COVID-19 production shutdowns that rocked the end of season 6 and the start of season 7, there is no firm date on when the new season will end.

So you can follow through weekly or wait for an indefinite end date if you’re downright in the Frenzy faction Anyway, we wish you the best of luck in your Flash fanhood

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World News – CA – Here’s when we can expect ‘The Flash’ Season 7 to hit Netflix

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