If the Montreal Canadiens were a cab, they’d be approaching a green light that just turned yellow, with GM Marc Bergevin behind the wheel and head coach Claude Julien at the rear as a passenger which is far from making life easy for the old val (ez_write_tag ([[300,250], ‘thehockeywriters_com-medrectangle-3’, ‘ezslot_5’, 802, ‘0’, ‘0’]) );

After an impressive January 5-1-2, the Canadians struggled in February and are suddenly 9-5-3 in fourth place in the North Division The recent 2-4-1 stretch is a legitimate cause for concern for several reasons There is the obvious problem that the Habs are just not playing well Beyond that there is also the problem of this specific season and shortened by 56 gameseval (ez_write_tag ([[728,90], ‘thehockeywriters_com-medrectangle-4’, ‘ezslot_4’, 803, ‘0’, ‘0’]));

To elaborate: This is not a season the Canadiens can afford to let become a lost cause, let slip through their fingers They have several expiring contracts with key players (Phillip Danault, Tomas Tatar), while goaltenders Carey Price and Shea Weber, each starting on slow starts, are now 33 and 35 respectively

In other words, if the Canadiens don’t take advantage of this season, in a relatively easier North Division there are only a few kicks left at the box.So as every game that passes means so much more, that is worth four points and there are 26 games less in total, if Bergevin chooses to make a change he can’t afford to wait even longer The keyword is “if” Eval (ez_write_tag ([[580,400], ‘thehockeywriters_com-box-4’, ‘ezslot_2’, 827, ‘0’, ‘0’]));

Due to quarantine complications, trading is nearly impossible for a GM who once argued it was difficult to do at the best of times This leaves a coaching change, jee, pulling Julien, as l ‘one of the only arrows in Bergevin’s quiver # Habs Bergevin: “It’s hard to make trades these days Big guys are rarely available I won’t sacrifice our future for short-term gain” – Chantal 🐾 (@pucksnlife ) January 21, 2016

#Habs Bergevin: “It’s hard to trade these days Big players are rarely available I won’t sacrifice our future for short-term gain”

The problem is that Bergevin triggered it before, when he let Julien’s predecessor, Michel Therrien, set off again in 2017, coincidentally around the same time of the calendar year, during the season

On the one hand, there is a precedent.On the other hand, it didn’t work out so well last time around, with the Habs getting embarrassingly annoyed in the first round So Bergevin might be shy when it’s about making a change in coaching, even if just for self-preservation Julien is Bergevin’s second employee.If he doesn’t work, it would look incredibly bad for Bergevin, whose contract expires in 2022

There’s no doubt something needs to change There is no doubt that the Canadiens are falling short of their potential in a season in which the Habs should have aspirations to reach at least the second round A division crown and the accompanying fourth place shouldn’t be out of the question, this all-season season This was evident from the moves Bergevin made during the offseason It’s a notion that performances of the team at the start of the season are only confirmed Both on paper and in practice, this team should be better than it currently playseval (ez_write_tag ([[580,400], ‘thehockeywriters_com-banner-1’, ‘ ezslot_3 ‘, 805,’ 0 ‘,’ 0 ‘]));

However, whether or not a coaching decision makes sense is almost irrelevant Jobs are at stake and not just Julien Bergevin’s is probably safe for this season at least, as he would have no sense for owner Geoff Molson to have kept him for so long, thanks to many other regime change opportunities, to let him go so close to the end of his contract

Additionally, Bergevin has racked up a fair amount of goodwill based on the acquisitions he made this offseason.The dynamic between him and the fans changes dramatically if he plays the coaching card too early, however

The argument would be that, if Bergevin fires Julien now, the outcome of this season would reflect Bergevin’s performance more than that of the substitute, whether it be Dominique Ducharme, Joel Bouchard or even Patrick Roy, as the columnist suggests. Jack Todd Right now people are criticizing Julien, but if Bergevin fires him there is no safety net This will be his third coach Potentially his third strikeeval (ez_write_tag ([[250,250], ‘thehockeywriters_com-large-leaderboard -2 ‘,’ ezslot_7 ‘, 806,’ 0 ‘,’ 0 ‘]));

If the season is ruined by a poor finish, you can’t really blame the newcomer Damn it, in Bergevin’s case, because that would be his third coach, you wouldn’t really be able to blame the newcomer. new guy at all, even a year later At this point, it’s clearly no longer the fault of the trainers you hired Just like the uncomfortable feeling you get every time you take a sip of milk to put the carton back into the fridge without thinking about checking the expiration date. , it’s up to you

If Bergevin keeps Julien for the rest of the season, Bergevin gets the credit for being patient if the Habs live up to expectations or he gets Julien a scapegoat on a silver platter if he doesn’t. All of this is part of the game and obviously not part of the game on the ice

Bergevin has to play the long game here So if he wants to make a change of coach it should only be a last resort, not third of the season He will logically give Julien as much leeway as possible

So if the Canadians were a cab approaching a now amber light, Bergevin has a few options He can pull over, kick Julien out and hope beyond realistic hope that there will be a decent fare ready to go. climb (the one who speaks French), because they effectively start from zero once the light turns green

Otherwise, Bergevin can continue through the intersection and hope the light doesn’t turn red on him.He can continue on the road until the offseason, where many other fares will likely be available, and then kick Julien out. ‘he wishes it

The second option is probably the one that Bergevin likes the most, especially since wherever he kicks Julien out, he has more track to work on next season Unfortunately, it turns out that this It’s also the option that risks a serious wreck. To be fair, Bergevin takes a chance no matter what he does, but the rewards are even greater if he succeeds and just hopes for the best It’s his likely game

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