Terringo also sues Nenshi, claiming that he had a pecuniary interest when he lobbied against a development

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said he did not want to be re-elected at a Facebook Live event on Tuesday afternoon

And sources say that Nenshi will also support Coun Jyoti Gondek in the battle for the presidency of the mayor which currently appears to be a race between her and Jeromy Farkas, although it is not known if this will be included in the official announcement

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Gondek’s campaign is led by Stephen Carter, the man who spearheaded Nenshi’s first successful campaign as well as the campaigns of former Alberta Premier Alison Redford

Gondek’s candidacy was once the subject of controversy when a former Calgary city councilor filed a complaint with the Chief Electoral Officer of Alberta, alleging he used third-party funds to pay for a citywide brochure mailing

But a spokesperson for Gondek categorically denied the claims, saying the cost of $ 37,740 was fully covered by the money raised by the campaign

Carter then threatened to sue Western Standard for the social media story, but so far has not done so

Nenshi also faces multiple lawsuits from Calgary developer Mike Terringo He sued the mayor for libel for $ 190,000, accusing him of portraying him using Italian racial stereotypes

Terringo also sued Nenshi on March 24, claiming he had a pecuniary interest when he lobbied against a development Terringo accused the mayor of breaking municipal government law in this case

Nenshi was first elected in the 2010 municipal elections with 39% of the vote He became the first Muslim mayor of a large North American city

He was re-elected in 2013 with 74% of the vote He was re-elected again in 2017, for a third term with 51% of the vote

At one point, builder Cal Wenzel sued him for $ 6 million after Nenshi claimed he was a ‘godfather type’ character

The pair reached an amicable settlement in December 2015, with Nenshi agreeing to apologize and withdraw several comments he had made, while Wenzel expressed regret for any damage to reputation. by Nenshi

The mayor’s popularity peaked during the 2013 floods, where he was seen as a calming force during his briefings with the media

Nenshi took a heavy blow when Calgarians rejected his vision to host the 2026 Olympics in a plebiscite

“We have an e-court where you go online, you say, ‘This is happening to me, I’m being bullied or harassed or whatever, and how do I deal with it?'”

Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin said the government should take down websites with hurtful language and create an “electronic court” to resolve disputes quickly

The Blacklock reporter noted on Tuesday that McLachlin said action must be taken against Internet publishers “who are damaging our democracy”

“We have to have, in certain circumstances, a mechanism for opting out when it’s going to pose a threat to life,” said McLachlin, 77. She retired from court four years ago

McLachlin co-wrote a federally funded report that says Parliament must “protect itself from social harm” on the Internet

Speaking in a podcast for World Press Freedom Canada, McLachlin said current limits on free speech are inadequate, including the libel law and the 1970 hate speech provisions of the Code criminal

“The problem is that they are not always quick and fast Criminal proceedings take a terribly long time,” McLachlin said “

“We have an e-court where you go online, you say, ‘This happens to me, I’m being bullied or harassed or whatever, and how do I deal with it?’ And there would be experts who know how to handle these things “

“We all understand that speaking is a wonderful thing and should be allowed as long as it doesn’t hurt others,” McLachlin said

“And then we have to set limits, when it hurts others or our democracy”

“I guess the consequences would ultimately be to shut them down, which happens all the time in undemocratic countries I mean, I hope it never happens, but there is this ultimate problem If you want to do business you must do it responsibly according to our rules. You can put the pressure on this way “

“A take out is very, very serious And we wouldn’t take much because it’s censorship, right? And so you have to be very, very careful with what you take out”

McLachlin said she feared disinformation on the Internet, but provided no Canadian example of offensive speech that would warrant federal regulation

“It’s such a new concept that we have to be afraid of lies, theories, etc.”McLachlin said

“There is so much information that people are ready to believe all kinds of things So now we are discovering that disinformation can be exploited to be a very powerful force that can threaten democratic functioning”

Rempel Garner joins Alberta UCP MPs Angela Pitt and Drew Barnes in publicly denouncing Kenney’s actions

A revolt in the Conservative movement is underway after Alberta Premier Jason Kenney puts the province on its third COVID19 lockdown

Even Calgary MP Michelle Rempel Garner – the Conservative federal health critic – blasted Kenney for the move

She joins UCP Alberta MPs Angela Pitt, Jason Stephan and Drew Barnes in publicly denouncing Kenney’s actions

“We need a better way Here in Alberta – this is going to devastate so many people in my community – the mental health impact, continued unemployment… Uncertainty and the roller coaster of restrictions cannot continue without a clear and safe path to follow, ”Rempel Garner tweeted on Tuesday night

Pitt, Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly and UCP MP for Airdrie, took to Facebook to express his disappointment

“I am incredibly disappointed with today’s news of going back with more restrictions I heard loud and clear that this decision did not represent the point of view of so many of you that I represent Pitt wrote

“I will continue to push for measures that hurt businesses, families and our community as a whole We can protect vulnerable people AND have a society that works”

“I won’t stop until life returns to its normal course Don’t give up hope, you are not alone in this fight”

Pitt, Stephan and Barnes were among a group of six UCP MPs who previously broke party ranks to fight for easing restrictions

“More and more experts are recognizing that non-pharmaceutical interventions and regulatory charges are harmful, especially for 13 months,” said Cypress Hill-Medicine Hat MP Barnes

“We need a more open and regional approach that protects our vulnerability and our economy, our mental and physical health and civil liberties,” he told Western Standard

“In just 15 minutes after the announcement, I heard from many Albertans involved in the hospitality, gym and retail industries say that today’s announcement will have consequences “

“” Alberta, like Texas, Florida or South Dakota, could be the beacon of opportunity, freedom, choice and the protection of civil liberties, “Barnes said. p>

Stephan said on Facebook: “I am deeply disappointed with the decision to increase restrictions, for affected businesses, their owners, employees and families”

One person likely happy with the lockdown is NDP Leader Rachel Notley, who pushed Kenney to do so

Dave Naylor, editor of Western Standard News, spent over a month investigating Caylan’s story Ford Ford seemed certain to be a potential political star – smart, photogenic, and ready to make his mark

She was recruited by Jason Kenney to run for Alberta’s UCP in the 2019 election Ford appeared to be on the path to stardom when she was rumored to be blazing and planted articles on an NPD-affiliated propaganda website

Ford Blames Man for Fall – Karim Jivraj Much of this story is almost unbelievable and would not have been taken seriously by Western Standard without the hard evidence obtained by its staff Over the next week, Naylor will tell his story with interviews and court documents

Karim Jivraj, under oath, admitted to sending false sexual innuendos under fake Twitter handles in an attempt to ruin the reputation of a possible star conservative recruit and other women in politics

Jivraj ran as a Conservative in the 2015 Toronto federal election, placing third He had sought nomination in Calgary Center – but the Conservative Party refused to allow him to run

The fake tweets he sent appeared to be an attempt to bring down the candidacy of Caylan Ford, a woman who apparently had a strange fascination with Jivraj

Ford, recruited to run for UCP by Jason Kenney, was running for the riding of Calgary-Mountainview

In 2017, Jivraj operated a pseudonymous Twitter account, @ TeamBlue2018, which he used to make allegations against a number of Conservative political candidates in Ontario, including accusations of fraud, corruption and innuendo. sexual against candidatesHe also started using an account called @ serena84

Interrogation during testimony by Ford’s attorney RE Harrison, Jivraj admitted that he was the author of the fake tweets

Q: Now, referring to Exhibit A for identification, would you agree with me that a number of these tweets are about someone by the name of Sue Liu? And I can refer you specifically to page 3 of the document

Q: Was Ms. Liu a nomination contestant for Don Valley North constituency? Are you suggesting in the tweets that Ms. Liu had an intimate relationship with Bob Stanley, who was the CEO of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario?

Q: Then you suggest Ms. Liu received preferential treatment due to her intimate relationship with Mr. Stanley?

In early March 2018, Jivraj told another political candidate that Ford had made false accusations of sexual harassment against this person. He later admitted that Ford had not done this

Q Your declaration to M Schuman who: (as read) She says you made inappropriate advances to her, is referring to Ms. Ford?

Q: You inform M Schuman that Ms. Ford alleges that Mr. Schuman made improper advances on Ms. Ford?

Q: I still have a few questions about Schuman Now, does Mrs. Ford ever allege that Mr. Schuman made inappropriate advances on her

Q: Just answer the question Did she claim that or not? I don’t need a fork, I don’t need a soliloquy

The saga of Karim Jivraj’s campaign against Ford and other conservative women is too incredible to be told in a single feature article.This is why the Western Standard has decided to break it down into a series that will dive into several actions undertaken by M Jivraj This is a story we didn’t believe until we got the evidence

PREVIOUS: It’s About Sex, Lies, and Agent Provocateurs It’s a story how a mob of cancellation culture fueled by fake stories ruined the life of a rising political star


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