ONE Championship debuted on TNT on Wednesday with ONE on TNT I, and the event produced a pair of amazing results

Firstly, Eddie Alvarez (30-8) was disqualified for illegal punches to the back of the head of Iuri Lupicas (15-1) barely 62 seconds after the start of their fight, then a few minutes later former UFC champion and all-time great Demetrious Johnson (30-4-1) finished for the first time in his career when he was knocked out in the second round by Adriano Moraes (19-3) in their main event title fight at Singapore Indoor Stadium

The world of MMA was turned upside down after the show and a wave of reactions lit up social media For more, check out the top Twitter reactions to ONE on TNT I below

Wait, wait, wait, WAIT! He’s clearly acting here! I will know it! Where is his “clown” emoji at home, cowards ??? Show yourself! 😂 #WhatAboutMe? Guys I’m kinda kidding # ONEonTNT #ONEChampionship

My mate doesn’t get up They might as well bring out the next fight! 😂

LOL, the guy turned his head and faked being knocked out because he heard people screaming in his head

I don’t know about that DQ, those punches didn’t have much on them Opponent was playing the system and turned away as Eddie punched If you turn around while someone hit and you receive an illegal hit, then that hit should be a legal hit!

Unless there is blood, most fans don’t care 🤷🏾‍♂️ The harsh reality of our sport which we love BUT this blow was NOT a knee!

I have to find his Twitter to see if he called me an actor too It would be a bit of karma if he attacked me https: // tco / 16bwqXYGZq

EA started a Twitter rant about Joe about a year ago – loads of morons look like “Yah, Eddie! You are so sweet and Joe so mean”

@Ealvarezfight I told you not to go 2 @ONEChampionship what a pot of 💩 That pussy didn’t want to fight Comment smells like 💩 also what a fucking shit show #straightgargamel

No way, the reference should have been clearer If the referee doesn’t stop you, why would you stop hitting? https: // tco / DCBIy5aiq9

It’s clear he’s hitting the back of the head Can you imagine getting elbowed over there What’s going on here my God? Apply the rules! https: // tco / FJOSsju242

Johnson had some issues with his struggling defense in the last few fights in ONE He won them but he showed a few holes and right now Moraes seems to be stronger in first position # ONEonTNT1

An opponent’s knees on the ground are legal in @ONEChampionship! This is the best rule ONE has

MIKINHO! WHAT A GREAT PERFORMANCE Knees on the floor = best rule set, but DJ was already done before that

Kneeling in front of a ground opponent allowed in ONE 😱 It looked weird, it’s like boxing allowing ground and pounding 🥶

This is why knees in the face of downed opponents are vicious and ILLEGAL in MMA in the UFC! If it was the United States, the knee is not allowed and Mighty Mouse can stand up in a safer and more protective way

I hope Mighty Mouse is doing well, but that’s why I don’t agree with these # ONEonTNT1 rules

#ONEonTNT Results: Adriano Moraes defeats Demetrious Johnson by KO (punches, knee) – Round 2, 2:24 – to defend flyweight title

Congratulations to @adrianomkmoraes for the great victory tonight! Excellent performance against an all-time excellent We need the knees to the head on the ground as part of the unified rules Would love them to allow football kicks too

MMA keeps showing us that there are great fighters everywhere It’s not about what banner you fight under, but your skills and abilities

There is something deeply funny about a hitched shirtless dude sobbing that one of the times he hit a dude tonight might have been an inch away https: // tco / 1d7zrGEhwo

everything is fine, everyone is back at the hotel watching the shit day fight in the office congratulations to @adrianomkmoraes we will be back

Congratulations to @adrianomkmoraes on his massive ONEfc Defense title… epic victory over MMA legend Demetrius Johnson #americantopteam picTwittercom / ODzIg3Bw8U

Adriano believed in him from the first moment this fight was matched! Never an ounce of doubt in this heart! So proud! Congratulations Adriano, you shocked the world and proved what you were saying from the start! @adrianomkmoraes picTwittercom / 4CLIpTmsJn

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Demetrious Johnson

World news – CA – ONE on TNT I: Twitter reacts to Demetrious Johnson’s knockout loss, Eddie Alvarez’s DQ loss