A motion designed to help communities such as North Bay catch up with major centers in the vaccine rollout process has garnered unanimous support from North Bay City Council at its regular meeting on Tuesday

Before the vote, the motion was amended by the mover, Deputy Mayor Tanya Vrebosch, to send a copy to members of the federal government and health agencies alongside their provincial counterparts

“We have the right to these vaccines, we do not have the right to be treated like second-class citizens,” said Coun Bill Vrebosch, who was the second. “This motion, people could say that it’s redundant, that basically it’s moving forward now, the vaccines are coming in here I think it’s very important that this motion be passed to let them know that we are very concerned that we are behind the rest of the province for vaccinations”

According to the resolution, the City of North Bay is calling for vaccine allocation to areas of public health units that are still in phase 1 of deployment to be prioritized by diverting unused vaccines from large districts to poor communities. served

“We’re not saying keep it away from hot spots,” said Tanya Vrebosch “If you get your weekly vaccine allowance and can’t use it, it should be shipped to communities that have the capacity. to put more needles in the guns – and we have that ability, ”she said, was confirmed by the district Medical Officer of Health Dr. Jim Chirico

Bill Vrebosch noted that the age group receiving vaccinations in the local health unit district is much older than in other centers

“It’s a total confusion In Peel, you can see that 100,000 people did not show up for their photos,” he said. is a waste of time Get the vaccines here, we’ll take the others “

He added: “We have the right to them If you can’t use them, send them here, we’ll take care of them for you. We can hug them”

“Communication is one of the most important things,” Tanya Vrebosch told council members “Even if they don’t give us more vaccines, they have to change the communication plan They don’t stop to announce that they are moving forward, that more and more categories are opening – we are always late We are still doing over 70 Other communities, if you look at Toronto, are doing over 60 ”

She added that the pharmacy rollout could also have been better communicated as many local pharmacies were unaware of the move and suggested that a communication plan tailored to health units still in phase 1 would be useful

On Tuesday, the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit reported 21,925 or 202% of the district’s population 18 and older received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine Of these, 1,746 or 16% of the population received two doses Immunization data from provincial and national governments are available here for Ontario and here for Canada

Deputy Mayor Vrebosch admitted that the local medical officer of health had called for an increase in vaccine supply, as had district municipalities

“It’s taking the next step We talk about it more and more because we don’t see this movement”

She noted that much of the province is in phase 2, it is as if some health units – including the local one – have “just left the starting line while others are closing in on the finish line It is disheartening that more advanced communities cannot even fill their time slots “

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