The airliner engine fire that forced an emergency landing in Colorado and flooded social media with dramatic cellphone videos and aerial footage on Saturday prompted the federal government regulators step up inspections, Boeing must advise airlines on affected planes

The damaged United Airlines flight, a Boeing 777, quickly landed safely It was en route to Hawaii from Denver when its right engine caught fire, sending debris falling thousands of feet into suburban neighborhoods here below

United Airlines is the only US airline to use the Pratt & Whitney engine involved in the incident, federal regulators have said

“I travel with family, like my whole family We are all scared,” said Bardia Sedaghat, who flew to Boston from Atlanta on Monday. “My sister – she was so nervous and her hands were sweaty”

“When you check an airplane you actually have to prove that you can fly it with a missing blade, as happened in this case,” said John Hansman, professor of aeronautics at MIT. “We design airplanes so that in the event of an engine failure, you can continue to fly any part of take-off and landing”

An Air France Boeing 777 made an emergency landing at Logan International Airport on Thursday evening This plane does not use the same engine at the center of the Colorado incident, but crews have been spotted working on one of his engines on Monday We still don’t know what prompted the plane to land

Boeing 777

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