Derrick Lewis delivered a devastating knockout of Curtis Blaydes during UFC Fight Night 185 main event on Saturday night

In doing so, he tied the UFC record for most KOs (12), but the way the closing seconds of the fight played out left a lot of people talking about not the career achievements of Lewis, but if he’s gone too far

The knockout itself was remarkable Blaydes makes a somewhat awkward take-out attempt and Lewis responds with a perfectly timed uppercut So Blaydes essentially leans in with a punch – and is out

He collapses on the carpet, motionless, and Lewis immediately hits him with two punches in the face

“I can’t just turn the switch off like that,” Lewis told reporters, including MMA Junkie, after the fight “Some fighters can do it, but I can’t do it I have to wait for it to happen. ‘referee takes me out because you never know what might happen Anything can happen He could have become (The) Undertaker and stand up straight and eat all those punches You never know You go until the referee says, ” Relax ‘”

Having never entered the Octagon and engaged in an MMA fight in which another person tries to knock me unconscious, I have to admit that it’s hard to fully blame Lewis for having this state of mind. ‘spirit I’m coming from where it came from

However, a longtime veteran of the sport probably has a pretty good idea of ​​when their opponent is cold stunned and should exercise restraint at a time like this. You have to respect your opponent’s life once he’s in such a vulnerable place The ref has done his best to end it quickly but he can only move so fast

It should be noted that Lewis barely had control of the fight before this point in fact, he seemed to have no response to Blaydes’ athleticism at the start

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Derrick Lewis

World News – FI – Derrick Lewis tries to explain why he hit an unconscious fighter twice