As besieged influencer Hilaria Baldwin faces constant questions about her alleged efforts to rig a Spanish identity, she showed on Tuesday that she was eager to stick to a private tradition: giving her children of Spanish first names

Hilaria Baldwin announced that she and her husband, Alec Baldwin, named their new baby girl Lucia.She shared a photo of the sleeping baby, the couple’s sixth child together, on her Instagram account The couple’s other children are Carmen, Rafael, Leonardo, Romeo and Eduardo

‘We’re so in love with our daughter Lucia’: Hilaria Baldwin confirms that she and Alec have welcomed a baby girl https: // tco / ubxoT7F19o

“Just like your siblings, you are a dream come true,” said yoga instructor and podcaster mom

The couple shocked fans on Monday by revealing that they had secretly welcomed their sixth child – just five months after Hilaria, 37, gave birth to Eduardo All of their children are 7 and under

Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are silent on details surrounding Lucia’s birth, which is highly unusual for Hilaria, a self-proclaimed over-sharing on social media In the past, she has won praise, headlines and followers for speaking openly about pregnancies and miscarriages

Hilaria Baldwin shares her baby girl’s name after announcing the arrival of her sixth child https: // tco / ihOvTBb9d3

She suffered two miscarriages in the span of seven months before sharing the news in April 2020 that she was pregnant with Eduardo This Instagram pregnancy ad has been viewed over 2 million times through social media assume the couple adopted or used a surrogate – possibly someone they enlisted before learning Eduardo was on the way

Someone dared to ask about the timing of the baby’s arrival on Alec Baldwin’s Instagram post, Page Six reported. The commentator caused one of the ’30 Rock’ actor’s famous outbursts. “

The commentator asked: “Who is the mother? (Hilaria) was not pregnant She gave birth six months ago If it was a surrogate just say that”

The commentator, less diplomatically, said the couple should just raise their “100 children in private,” but made a point that many people have started to share about the couple, and Hilaria Baldwin in particular

“If you don’t want to say anything, why don’t you both stop constantly posting and begging for clickbait?” commentator said

Indeed, many have wondered if the couple were being deliberately mysterious about the birth of the baby for “clickbait” purposes. In this sense, they felt the couple were using the baby announcement to distract from the Spanish heritage scandal of Hilaria Baldwin

“Guess she wants us to stop talking about the Spanish appropriation,” someone said in response to a New York Times writer’s tweet on the Baldwins’ news Another wrote: “I don’t trust anything this woman says anymore after all the Spanish stuff Who knows what’s going on”

Hilaria Baldwin has been at the center of accusations of falsifying a Spanish identity and cultural appropriation since late 2020.This is when people on social media and Reddit began to see several examples of television, podcast and magazine interviews, including in publications in Spanish, when she has used a fluctuating Spanish accent, or has been described as being born in Spain or being a “native” Spanish, or said that she had family who came from Spain Alec Baldwin, 62, was also shown in a 2013 interview with David Letterman saying his wife was “from Spain” as he jokingly imitated his Spanish accent

Over the past week, critics of Hilaria Baldwin uncovered a video of her speaking at the United Nations in 2019 and misleading senior officials about her legacy by participating in a panel discussion on healthy eating and environment, she spoke with a slight Spanish accent, allowed herself to be identified as “half Spanish” and carried on the idea that she had grown up in the European country

Her detractors, who say she didn’t recognize her “scratch” correctly, believe that Hilaria Baldwin thought being Spanish would somehow make her more interesting and glamorous

Hilaria Baldwin also built her brand by teaching fans how she balances her career as a wellness expert with raising five young children On Instagram and on her “Mom Brain” podcast, she has tried to sound relatable when talking about her fatigue and pain in her house, although the Baldwins are known to employ a team of nannies

The explanation for being tired came in November when Hilaria Baldwin told People that she might be done with having more children. “I don’t know I said in the past that I was done when I wasn’t done I think right now I’m so tired, ”she said

If Lucia was born via surrogate, Hilaria Baldwin probably knew their sixth child was on the way. Of course, she wouldn’t be the one giving birth, so technically she wasn’t misleading people about the prospect that she “has more children”

The more cynical have suggested that Hilaria and Alec Baldwin decided to go ahead with surrogacy, with the prospect of having a daughter, after learning they had Eduardo, who would be their fourth son

The couple’s baby news prompted people to return to other previous interviews and Instagram posts where they alternately talked about not wanting more children, but also wanting a second daughter

In 2017, Hilaria Baldwin posted a photo of her eldest daughter Carmen, pretending to have a baby bump, while explaining that “Carmen begged for a little sister”

Alec Baldwin also opened up about the prospect of having more children during an interview with Conan O’Brien in September – after a surrogate mother to Lucia was reportedly four months pregnant

Baldwin told O’Brien that Hilaria Baldwin had undergone in vitro fertilization a few years earlier “for a girl” after having already had their daughter and three boys in a row

But she lost her pregnancy at four months, as she documented on Instagram Alec Baldwin told O’Brien that they decided to try and get pregnant “the old fashioned way”, believing that chances were low of having a fourth boy in a row

Then came Eduardo in September, and Alec Baldwin told O’Brien they were done. He said he said to Hilaria jokingly, “I told him and I wished him, as well as ‘to her future husband, all my best wishes If she wants more children, it would be with her next husband “

This story has been updated to include quotes from Alec Baldwin’s interview with Conan O’Brien in September

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