Hilaria and Alec Baldwin revealed their baby girl’s name on Tuesday, but a mystery remains: Was she born to a surrogate mother?

The timeline of baby Lucia’s birth has been a major topic of discussion since Hilaria, 37, and Alec, 62, announced on Monday that they welcomed their sixth child just five months after the birth of their second youngest, Eduardo

When asked for more details, the couple’s rep told Page Six: “We are still not releasing a statement or confirming anything – what she posted is valid”

Although the Baldwins are silent on how their smallest “Baldwinito” came into the world, fans on social media have noticed that Hilaria is following a surrogacy agency – which has offices in New York City. – called Alcea Surrogacy on Instagram

Coincidentally, the company praised one of its “IP addresses,” which stands for intended parents, in a now-deleted article on the “incredible birth of their daughter” just days before Alec and Hilaria won’t share baby Lucia’s first photo

Page Six could not confirm whether Hilaria and Alec had used Alcea Surrogacy to welcome their sixth child A company representative and the Baldwins did not immediately return our requests for comment

Alec and Hilaria live in Manhattan with their newborn baby and five other children, 5 month old son Eduardo, 2 year old son Romeo Alejandro David, 4 year old son Leonardo Ángel Charles, 5 year old son Rafael Thomas and her 7 year old daughter Carmen Gabriela

However, it’s also possible that Hilaria is following the tale because she interviewed Alcea Surrogacy co-founder Angela Richardson-Mook on her “Mom Brain” podcast in November.

In the interview, Richardson-Mook praised Hilaria for being so open about the difficulties of pregnancy loss after suffering two miscarriages in 2019

“I see Hilaria being so raw and vulnerable in the face of her own losses,” said the CEO “The more time and the more influential people speaking out, the just… devastation of the loss. what it leads is maybe hope “

This week on #MomBrain, @hilariabaldwin and @DaphneOz are joined by @AngelaMook, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Alcea Surrogacy Angela explains how surrogacy provides a sense of hope to women who have faced a loss https: // tco / QTguhoQPg4 picTwittercom / QRUKy9u0n5

Although Hilaria has spoken openly about her pregnancies in the past, she hasn’t revealed many details about Lucia’s birth. In this interview with Richardson-Mook, she has spoken of the “fear” some might feel that “people will not see you as the mother if you used a surrogate mother”, but she did not specify if she had ever used one

“But then you really think, not just about those nine months, but all the sleepless nights, all the throwing up on you, at school, all those lessons all the other experiences that make you a mother and father ”, she added

Richardson-Mook pointed out that this is not an easy decision for parents and that it takes parents, on average, around 50 months to work through the surrogacy process

If that was the case for Hilaria and Alec, then they would have been immersed in surrogacy long before she got pregnant with Eduardo

“It all depends on mum’s guilt,” Hilaria said in her “Am I Worth This?” podcast Is this a risk I’m willing to take – on both sides? “

On social media, a fan asked Alec about the birth of his child, writing: “Who is the mother? She was not pregnant She gave birth six months ago If it was a surrogate just say that “

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Hilaria Baldwin

World News – FI – Hilaria Baldwin, who welcomed baby No 6, follows surrogacy society on IG

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