It’s been a year of aesthetic experimentation for Millie Bobby Brown, especially when it comes to hair and makeup.She’s tried everything lately, from cropped blonde vibes to long extensions, ultra-glamorous makeup with super natural looks

Her latest TikTok shows yet another vibe that Millie is experimenting with right now – the pony / side part combo, paired with smoky eyes and heavy lashes, and when she turns sideways as part of the choreography, flashes of caramel and blonde hair can be seen through her very tall brunette pony

In the video, she performs a TikTok dance, looking super confident and pulling some seriously Ari-esque facial expressions

Fans were quick to give him compliments, including a hint or two about his resemblance to Ari in the video, such as:

Other fans were distracted by the fact that Millie hid her TikTok username from the screen – a move that follows her removal from all of her TikTok in December of last year. wishes to keep his new profile private started to spill over in the comments section, with some fans criticizing those trying to regain his new (or reinstated) TikTok account.

Either way, we’re glad she’s found a public-private balance that works for her

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