Oops! You Did It Again Cold Open talk show focuses on “social outcasts of the week”

Saturday Night Live returned to its Britney Spears talk show format for a cold open skit revolving around a trio of actors this week: Lil Nas X, Matt Gaetz and Pepe Le Pew

“This is the show that will spotlight the social outcasts of the week, and I’ll decide if they’re innocent or not so innocent,” Chloe Fineman’s Spears said. “And speaking of pariah, shout out to our sponsor: Georgia!” Voted best place not to vote “

The singer first brought out rapper Lil Nas X (Chris Redd), who was “attacked by the rare Catholic Church and Nike combo” for his “Montero” music video – where he twerks on the devil – and his “Satan shoes”

“People are afraid of me because I’m different, but in reality I’m just your typical gay, black, country, rap, sneaker entrepreneur. I put my pants on like everyone else: a guy with no ass in both, ”said Redd’s Lil Nas X

After assuring the audience that he didn’t really twerk on Satan – “He was a dude in a Halloween devil costume, because the real devil doesn’t make music videos,” insisted the rapper – Fineman’s Spears brought out a guy in a god costume so the rapper could dance and even things religiously

Next Up: Kate MacKinnon as Pepé Le Pew, who has been ‘canceled’ and won’t appear in new Space Jam remake To turn away from her own story, Looney Tunes character begins to scream on his comrades cartoons “You haven’t heard this from me, but the FBI is 90% sure Yosemite Sam was at the Capitol Riots,” Skunk said, later adding that he was in treatment for sex addiction

Finally, Florida Rep Matt Gaetz (Pete Davidson) appeared on Oops! You Did It Again to look back on his crazy week, which included allegations of sex trafficking, drug-fueled sex parties with prostitutes, and reports he showed photos of naked women to fellow Congressmen When asked if this could hurt his chances of re-election, Davidson’s Gaetz admitted, “Weirdly in my district this might help”

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World News – FI – ‘SNL’: Lil Nas X and Matt Gaetz address controversies on Britney Spears talk show

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