The Varso Tower in central Warsaw now boasts the tallest skyscraper in the European Union after workers raised an 80-meter needle the building’s total height to over 310 meters, according to the developer of the building

The skyscraper, which is slated to open in early 2022, is said to have a special observation deck and two high-speed glass elevators that will transport guests at the speed of 8 meters per second, according to the press material

There will also be an area for restaurants and bars overlooking the city center of Warsaw, in addition to the rental offices

But construction and rentals have both slowed or been suspended amid the spread of COVID-19

“As with the economy as a whole, the office rental industry had a rough time last year Many potential tenant decisions were put on hold or postponed,” said Maciej Olczyk , responsible for the construction project

He added that the pandemic hit the hardest in the first wave when many services were suspended, but adjustments have since been made to facilitate a safe working environment

Adjustments to office spaces include additional ventilation and more regular cleaning of ventilation systems, protective screens at reception desks, non-contact solutions such as motion-sensing lamps and doors and frequent cleaning of common areas, the company said

Olczyk said he was optimistic companies would still rent space in the “architecturally unique” Varso Tower, particularly after the pandemic has passed

“Businesses still see this as a temporary situation,” said Olczyk “I think everyone is looking to get back to normal as before the pandemic”


Global news – FI – Warsaw now has tallest skyscraper in EU, developer says