The end of the lockdown is finally in sight! Here are 25 of the best memes of June 21st as Brits celebrate the all-important date

After four million Covid cases, 120,000 deaths, three lockdowns and a canceled Christmas, there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel It’s time to get excited as a potential lockdown end date has been revealed

Yesterday Boris presented the government’s roadmap to get out of lockdown and the British suddenly feel a silver lining This is a gradual process, and there are a few key dates when different restrictions will be lifted , but the most important is June 21

On that date, the government hopes England will return to pretty much normalcy, with nightclubs, festivals and major sporting events taking place

Brits have taken to Twitter to respond to the news, and June 21 memes are now flooding social media Here’s a roundup of all the best…

March 8, April 12 and June 21 all compete to be the biggest buzz of all time 🤩 # Road2Recovery picTwittercom / 7zpvaEzNTK

God pls I’m on my knees! Please don’t let UK cases increase again by June 21st &! Free us from the chains of the UK lockdown saga! Lockdown 4 will not be a thing in Jesus name! Amen! imageTwittercom / LM34MJ9oQp

June 21 – removal of all socialization limits June 22 – England v Czech Republic picTwittercom / g1eERBqOoc

Parents June 21: “if you’re not back by 12 noon the doors will be locked” Me: “Who said anything about coming back ??” imageTwittercom / wIFiSy7g6z

If it’s not my film roll on June 21, I don’t want a photoTwittercom / KoPpjEkdf5

How I will prepare my air force for June 21 to 20 photoTwittercom / MXCev9CcmD

Chris Whitty, on June 21, when he realizes he has no more slides to show the photoTwittercom / oZl9oPJEPf

June 21, June 21

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