PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It was a scary night for visitors to Philadelphia as their Airbnb was shot Police said someone inside the Point Breeze home received a bullet in the head, which led to a savage police chase and ended with the arrest of four people

“Several bullets, at least four went through the front door and one through the front window of the property,” said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small

Bullet holes now riddle the front of the Airbnb on the 2000 block of Titan Street at Point Breeze

Police say these bullets started flying around 10:30 a.m. Monday Man inside the house hit on the head After being shot, the victim ran to the 17th District headquarters, located about two blocks away, and told the police what had happened He was taken to the Presbyterian hospital in stable condition

“In order for an individual to get shot at by a weapon of any caliber and have you shot in the head, you always have a very good chance of surviving,” Small said. p>

Police say a red van with four people inside pulled away from the scene and less than a mile away crashed into a police vehicle at 25th and Ritner streets

From there they continued for a further half a mile hitting several other cars before eventually trying to escape on foot to 27 and Daly Terrace Police were able to chase them down and stop them all

“They fled on foot after this second accident and all four of them were apprehended by the 1st district police, so these officers did a very good job,” said Philadelphia Chief Inspector of Police , Scott Small “It is very difficult to hunt people on foot, especially teenagers and young men in their twenties, with the slippery and icy conditions”


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