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Paul Merson insists Arsenal have become too-rans, claiming they have no plans to get the club back on track

Arsenal produced a dismal performance sliding to a 12th Premier League loss of the season with Saturday’s 3-0 loss to Liverpool, and this led to heavy criticism from Sky Sports duo Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher on Monday Night Football

In what has been an extremely difficult season for Mikel Arteta and his team, the Gunners are 10th and are struggling to secure European football for next season unless they can win the Europa League

Ahead of Arsenal’s crucial quarter-final first leg against Slavia Prague on Thursday, former Arsenal star Merson spoke to Sky Sports, giving his verdict on losing Liverpool, the future of Mikel Arteta, the difficulties of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and the enormous rebuilding of the work his former club still faces

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“Like I said before the Liverpool game all the eggs went in the Europa League basket for Arsenal and it’s that easy

“They took this chance now to be completely and totally judged on five more football matches, however, what I watched against Liverpool the other day was as bad as I have ever seen it

“People will talk about the time under Unai Emery and the end of Arsene Wenger’s reign, but I’ve never seen anything like it

“All I saw was roll the ball towards the goalkeeper and he just dropped it on the pitch

“I know we talk about Arsenal and sometimes they play too much at the back and they get robbed, and we’ve seen that many times against Liverpool over the years Liverpool kick the ball and they will score, but the other day I’ve never seen anything like it since an Arsenal

“When they are beaten and he comes out and takes the blame, he does just the opposite of what Jose Mourinho does when he criticizes his player, but Arteta thinks exactly the same as Mourinho

“Mourinho just said it and the difference is that a coach has been around for a long time and he won everything in the game

“He can say it exactly as it is when Arteta is just getting started and he has to say the right things in front of the camera

“It wasn’t good enough for Arsenal against Liverpool It was as bad as it gets, and Arteta will know it”

“The loss for Liverpool is just going to show you how good Granit Xhaka is He has become a better player not playing against Liverpool

“People tell me they don’t know what Xhaka is doing. He doesn’t score goals, he doesn’t score and gets booked and stuff, but gives him his due, which was blatantly obvious. to see in the defeat of Arsenal is that he wants the ball

“He looks for the ball In hard times he will always try to take the ball and that’s what they didn’t have Nobody showed up for the ball and in the end the goalkeeper did than start the ball

“I’ve always said it, and I’ll stick with it, unless he scores a goal, he doesn’t bring much more to the party, and he never has

“He’s an away and away goalscorer, who plays wide, and when you play wide as a footballer, you work on scores. Either you get the ball so many times that you are fed up or you don’t. never see at all, and he’s a goalscorer

“He’s a bit like Mesut Ozil without the goals. He’s not going to run back and make a tackle at fifty-fifty or chase the ball and get it back for his side

“Goals are what he brings to the party and at the end of the day it’s the hardest thing to do, but when you’re the captain of Arsenal Football Club, which is a great thing, you must have a little more than what you are showing right now

“His confidence is well and truly drawn, but he’s a goalscorer and in a great football game against Slavia Prague he could end up at the far post and score That’s what he can do


“Aubameyang is now 31, but when he came you thought he was absolutely lightning. However, there is one thing in life that you are assured of, however, the older you get, the slower you get older

“Giving him that kind of money at this point in his career is pure panic It’s Arsenal’s lazy It’s also a mistake they made in the past so that’s really stuff lazy club

“Now they’re stuck again, and they’re in this situation where they want to try to find someone at the club, but they want to get paid like Aubameyang

“The club can’t pay for that anymore, but they don’t come up with mind-blowing numbers and that creates a problem. This is where we start over and they can’t get the players in

“Ozil is a top player, but you have to have the players around him You have to have the movement and you have to give him protection Like I said he is not one of those players who gonna run like a maniac He’s not one of those players

“If Ozil had played he would have created chances for sure He would still have entered my squad at Arsenal if I were the manager You play your best players and you get players who are going to work a little harder hard around them Xhaka can’t do what Ozil does and Ozil can’t do what Xhaka does

“But another Ozil scenario will depend on the manager and whether he plays Aubameyang and plays him through this spell

“Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe also showed how much they miss them, and you know why? Because they work hard

“This is where Arsenal is located Saka and Smith Rowe are probably not far from being their two lowest paid players at the club and they are up there with their best players

“I watched Arsenal against Spurs and they were exceptional You looked at them and thought they looked like a good team Looked like they were going to turn a corner, but against Liverpool, who don’t set the world on fire yet they looked completely lost

“It’s a roller coaster for Arsenal right now, and they have another huge summer ahead for the club

“You have to start somewhere, and you can’t keep doing what they’re doing That’s the problem

“You buy a season tick from Arsenal next season for what? A good cup race

“Do you see them making the top four next season? I don’t. Unless a Europa League win there is unlikely to be European football at the club next season

“I just don’t see a plan at Arsenal right now All I see is a goal to get through the next season and we’ll see how that goes, and something could change, and we’ll have luck along the way

“I just see the same old same old Arsenal, and it’s such a shame I don’t care what anyone says, this is an amazing football club”

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