Bruno Fernandes makes Man Utd worse I know this sounds like click bait gibberish or a cheeky effort to get posted here, but no! Listen to me I really find it hard to remember a player who single-handedly transformed a team’s fortunes in such a short time I was skeptical at first but now I strongly believe in his ability (Not a United fan, by the way)

He has that air on him that exudes confidence bordering on arrogance that I believe has improved almost every performance of his teammate since his arrival I agree with Ryan, Coilte of the box letters

But that’s where the catch lies. He’s so good that an injury or a long absence from him surely requires some forethought Someone who could be good enough to put himself in his shoes? And carry some of the weight he is carrying Pogba? Not for me Clive

City have had to change every player’s job in recent weeks despite their seasoned talisman and impeccable KDB being on the sidelines Can Utd emulate such a system or devise a way to alleviate his loss (God forbid) Abdi, Nairobi (Fingers crossed quickly KDB signs)

Scientists in Liverpool are starting to panic …
Two things before you start, if you don’t like the numbers the analysis on the numbers continues and skip this it’s not for you Second, Klopp is the right fit for the job, Liverpool’s approach is usually solid, it’s just an analysis of what went wrong and why

So I think I speak on behalf of all Liverpool fans when I say things start to turn out spectacularly We’ve gone from failure, to drop in form, to crunch, to spiraling to a black hole and everyone’s trying to ditch the spaceship It’s been an incredible implosion And as a fan it’s kind of like seeing your local hospital engulfed in flames; you can’t quite tear your eyes out, but you are appalled at the abject horror of it all

But back to the decisions and reasons why we ended up where we are

Well the season has started well We probably had a decent chance of holding on to the title, say 30% Our form had slowed down at the end of last season, but that was to be expected after winning the title Law? Well actually no Ok City’s game right after winning the title was probably affected by the celebrations but after that the highly professional Liverpool players with a 100 point threshold in sight should have been more than enough motivated to keep pushing, but results slowed noticeably Looking back, you may have taken this as an indication that things weren’t as rosy as we thought

The imposed Covid break gave everyone a reset, maybe many teams running out of time to train on the pitch used the time productively to analyze top teams, and no one had no more data available than Liverpool We played the same way, with largely the same staff for several seasons and there was a system we struggled massively against, the low block

We want the teams to play on a high line, everyone knows that, it allows our two most efficient scorers to attack back, it also allows Firmino to drop down and seek them through The balls Sitting deep undoes a lot of that, and as we found out Liverpool have no discernible plan B The other team is absorbing the pressure and looking to counter Their problem is to overtake VVD and Gomez Rapides like the ‘flashy and dominant in the air, they are a perfect fit for the high line hugging the pitch.The system may have a flaw, but with these two effective closures, Liverpool largely only needs a 90’s goal minutes to generally obtain the 3 points

So it’s November, the two are out and Liverpool face a major problem This is where our scientists come in (I call them scientists, they are actually mathematicians) We would have turned to them and said to ourselves, “What should we do?” This would have produced probabilities on the outcome of each competition based on the underlying data.So Liverpool were near the top of the table, played a lot of the surrounding big 6 and had Matip available with Fabinho alongside It’s not bad If VVD is rated 95 and Gomez 89 and they both have a rhythm of 90, you could say that Matip has 87 and Fab has 82 and both have 70 for the rhythm, you say we are obviously weaker, definitely more exposed to the counter, but we have enough beating 50% of the prem teams 80% of the time 30% of the teams 60% of the time and the other 20% 33% of the time Which calculates the next number of points That will certainly do you not win the league, but we sit comfortably in the top 4 and we give ourselves a reasonable chance to play in the Champs League semi-finals Until then, you’re hoping VVD and / or Gomez will be back and we can readjust the odds accordingly

Probably not if you’re happy with VVD and Gomez as the starting 2 next season, and you’re happy we’re taking the risk of being much more injury prone now Matip has a high injury propensity and saves (Phillips, Williams, VDB) are untested and therefore difficult to predict quality Hendo’s return is an option but affects balance in midfield They would have weighed the probabilities of further injuries, assessed midfield coverage for losing Hendo and Fab, then calculated the effect on winning matches They would have produced a breakdown of probable point totals and asked Jurgen if he wanted to damage his future transfer kitten by bringing in a new CB that might not start the next season when all CBs were in good shape, or continue with more. young players He chooses to stay

So in January we go, Liverpool are still close to the top, the results have not been great but the table does not lie Decision to continue without substitutions seems wise

Then we start to lose Teams only play a low block and where we have struggled to score goals before, but our defense was also extremely strong, now it is starting to leak Where we were on average just under 2 goals scored and were winning the majority, we are now averaging just under a goal and winning very little The balance is struck, the team is full of confidence and the odds oscillate enormously from positive to negative

It’s January 30th and we have to buy! Matip is out for the season in the most obvious turn of events, Fab is out, we just noticed Rhys Williams is a little boy who was never ready for the climb, for some reason you don’t even like not Nat Phillips though he’s you from a younger life and Hendo tries hard but can’t just magically become a world class middle half

Um, we hadn’t planned it and we have 2 days to bring up something We have a guy in the Championship with 6 months left on his contract that we can overcome We have also been approached by a Schalke who is looking for desperate to offload all the players they can because they are already down with half a season to play and the worst defensive record in the history of organized sport They want to sell us their CB Wagner gave it a boost

One boy is immediately hurt while others seem to dope We’re no better off The results are actually worse The Top 4 walks away and when that happens our business model falls off a cliff We turn to our scientists

Next: PART 2 – What happens when Liverpool are not in the Champions League and try to recruit from a position of weakness and financial vulnerability? Ed Ern

We don’t know enough about how horrible Arsenal is
I really don’t think enough is said about how truly abysmal Arsenal are After 25 games they are tenth in the Premier League table All credit goes to Villa, Everton and (possibly) West Ham for being at the above them and having had generational seasons But for the prospect, Spurs and Mourinho are dragged through the streets for how horrible their season is (and it’s horrible), and yet they’re two points above of their North London rivals with a match in handArsenal have lost eleven games, the same number of losses as Fulham, Burnley and Palace One more loss than Southampton who have lost 6 league games in a row heading this weekend One more loss than Wolves who are universally accepted as the stinkiest team in the division THREE more defeats than Brighton, 16th place!

I remember a few months ago they won a few trotting matches and everyone assumed they had turned the corner and we could stop calling them bad because they were out of the relegation race, but their position in the table should be the story of the Boxing Day season, they have gone 7 games unbeaten but have managed 3 in their last 4 games

It’s not like the 15/16 when Chelsea had a terribly bad season because at least they had a Mourinho brand implosion to blame as opposed to a supposed rebuild They also had a pretty decent squad who just needed to get his head banged This Arsenal team is really horrible
Looking at the top 11 yesterday I think it’s criminal that City didn’t win more It’s a damning indictment that they felt they could score in the first 5 minutes and roll to save their legs I honestly think they need to sign a brand new first XI to look dangerous again Their incoming group of youngsters is announced, but they’re completely pony Compare with Mount, Abraham, Gilmour and James who moved to Chelsea at the same time I would take any of them on Maitland-Niles, Willock, Nketiah, Smith-Rowe

What are even Arsenal? And why don’t we make a big deal out of how irreparable they are? Sam

Stupid Contracts and Martial Around 100 years ago, a man named Victor Lustig was possibly the world’s greatest crook If you are unfamiliar with the man I suggest at least a quick read of his wiki, this guy’s balls must need some extra pant support He is best known for successfully selling the Eiffel Tower to a Frenchman the scam was so good his brand was too ashamed to even report it to the police, so Lustig started the scam again United needs Victor Lustwig, or at least his contemporary equivalent, because Anthony Martial has need to be sold and I am convinced that only a truly daring, trusted artist can make this happen

I’m not going to explain why, as it’s redundant, but everyone knows they need to move on.The obstacles to a transfer are not odd enough that it is in terrible shape or that he has his face at rest That’s his contract The men at the top of the club have improved their transfer deals in recent years, a little bit anyway, but still seem absolutely giddy about giving massive contracts for no good reason Tony is on £ 250k per week until 2024

There are a lot of clubs that would buy Martial at the right price, he has a lot to offer as a player and could be a devastating weapon for the right team, but I can’t imagine any of those clubs, even considering his salary as doable not to mention the additional transfer fees So back to Victor Lustig, we have to convince either a small club to pay what it cannot afford, or a large club to pay for something it does not want not We have to convince Tony and his agent that a transfer to a remote corner of China is the best thing since sliced ​​chopsticks We have to convince the great Ed not to wait for more money and to close the bloody deal And most difficult of all, we have to convince Ole that Martial is not a fucking attacker

On second thought I don’t think even Great Earl Lustig could pull it off, maybe Jorge Mendes could try Dave, Manchester

In an amazing presentation for the books, Alan Shearer made some interesting remarks about Martial in Match of the Day Mainly that he avoids the box, and therefore can’t score because he’s not there And I mean avoid

Strikers who lack confidence disappear They don’t score, mainly because they are more afraid of missing than of being sure to score

Which brings me to Andy (Andrew) Cole He never, ever disappeared He used to get a lot of criticism, for missing out on a lot of chances, but it was always because he was in the right place to create these opportunities And when he missed, he went back there, and gave himself another chance, to score or, above all, to miss He never dodged it He was brave both physically, but above all, mentally

Love for Lukaku Before everyone prepares for Haaland vs Mbappe to be the next world class forward debate, I wanted to have some love for Lukaku in the mailbox at the back of the Derby della Madonnina this weekend

At this point the man looks like a superhero Bigger, faster, stronger with fantastic dribbling, excellent vision and a real foot like a traction engine, he had 53 goals and 11 assists decisive for Inter in two seasons to basically relegate all United nonsense to history

Every clip of him makes him feel like he’s playing against children; ignore defenders before passing him in front of the keeper or putting him in the danger zone for another player

West Ham does a Leicester
As the games dwindle and the clock draws closer to 38 West Ham continues to score points as others in the Big 6 continue to struggle Can West Ham break the cartel and end up in the hallowed ground of Champions League football?

I see a lot of similarities with the way Leicester City were treated by the media at this point in the season when they won it and West Ham currently It’s only really with 10 to go that they were taken seriously as something that could be achieved Until then it was okay oh aren’t they okay and an undercurrent of them will soon fall and get back in their lane But this Leicester team has found another outfit when she started seeing a finish line and treated the mantra one game at a time with the most respect This mantra is the same hymn sheet that David Moyes blackmailed this Hammers team

If West Ham can stay injury free there with a fighting chance Moyes asks every player to fight bravely for every ball there in a free hitting ground and the pressure they usually exert is a relegation How many times we see teams coming together towards the end in a scrap to survive, West Ham can use that energy to see them over the line Marc, Waterford, Ireland

I understand people are upset, but can we just take a step back please… The mailbox doesn’t seem to remember the level of defense of one of the world’s best self-proclaimed Dejan Lovren?

I’m an Everton fan and of course delighted with the “historic” victory (and to have reached 40 points) Frankly, I feel that for once the ball fell in our way Henderson’s shot would fly a little higher and into the net, Salah would be calmer and not be afraid that the Pickford charge would flatten him to the VVD, the ref would not give the penalty, and we would lose 2 -1Nick, EFC

Being relatively new to Twitter, I was absolutely blown away by the opinions of some fans on my team (Man Utd) For example, did you know there is a large contingent of fans, with surprisingly high followers , who thinks Bruno Fernandes is the weakest link in the team because he lost semifinals ?!

A lot of these people are clearly attention-seeking and probably not true supporters of the club, but my god there are some really crazy opinions They all seem to have the same vocabulary too, with literary Pearlers such as the knowledge of the ball (ball ??), low IQ footballer and ratio?

I was wondering if there is another team that has equally crazy cyber fans? Or is it another unfortunate phenomenon for my beloved Red Devils?

Liverpool players and manager have been poor but transfer activity has been disastrous

Mailbox is confused by the penalty decision, angry at the loss and delirious about the victory

The Newcastle manager played alongside Eric Cantona at Manchester United in the 1990s

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Also in your mailbox: change Man United record, poppy nonsense and long live Jurgen Klopp

Fernandes provided a brace as Man Utd claimed a dominating victory in their Europa League game

Premier League 50 is in place for Mourinho at Spurs We compare his record with managers like Klopp and Rodgers

If there’s one thing Klopp hates more than the wind, it’s the sun And BT Sport, and the ball, and

Quadruple, Croydon De Bruynes, training games and the wonderful world of Joao Cancelo And other things too, 16 in all

You know what you get with Leicester, the voice of reason in a league gone mental

Second-half Spurs would absolutely beat first-half Spurs How can Mourinho not see this?

Bruno Fernandes

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