But the trolls laughed at her this week for being “too happy” in the popular ITV magazine

But now her fans are stepping out – and congratulating her as the host

A Twitter user defended her with: “#Lorraine it’s so refreshing to have Cat Deeley back on our screens, I love Cat Deeley, her energy and she’s current, I hope she is here to stay “

Meanwhile, another user said: “Seeing ‘Cat Deeley’ is all the rage on Twitter in the UK, only to find that this is just a bunch of people complaining that Cat Deeley is too happy and kind

“You deserve to watch morning television It’s both your crime and your punishment”

While a third stepped in to congratulate Cat with, “Woah – everyone hates Cat Deeley for… waiting… being too nice and happy?” Wtf is with the people? #bekind lasted well didn’t it

“Watching some of the women making the CD – they mourned the loss of Caroline Flack while watching her documentary just a few days ago”

And a fourth user shared: “Alright, let’s go Cat Deeley has been showing TV shows for almost 25 years, so she must be doing something right

“Plus, it’s the morning television she’s showing, not a bloody funeral march – happiness and joy is allowed All those moans, get yourselves together”

She told him on Twitter how much she enjoyed Mondays and said her kids loved it too

«# lorraine… first question when I got home? “When can we go to the farm?” Today ?? ”

Cat Deeley on Lorraine

World News – UK – Cat Deeley fans hit back at trolls for moaning that she was ‘too happy’ on Lorraine

Source: https://www.entertainmentdaily.co.uk/tv/lorraine-cat-deeley-fans-hit-back-at-trolls-for-moaning-shes-too-happy/