Prime Minister said reintegrating more children into education would be of the highest priority

The Prime Minister said Scotland’s roadmap outside of lockdown “will not be the same” but could have “great similarities” to those announced for England later on Monday

During Monday’s coronavirus briefing, Nicola Sturgeon said returning children to education was a priority as Scotland sought to extricate itself from lockdown restrictions imposed across the country in December

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to announce that schools will reopen on March 8 and that up to six people will be allowed to meet outdoors from March 29 as part of England’s plan to lift lock restrictions

Although Ms Sturgeon said some of the plans may have “great similarities” to those expected to be drawn up for Scotland, she warned that it was “essential to learn from past experiences” and do not lift restrictions too quickly

Scotland’s lockdown path will be unveiled by the Prime Minister in Holyrood on Tuesday, the day after the youngest primary schoolchildren return to school

She said: “I would think that while our non-lockout plans will not be the same, they are not already the same because we have children in school today, which is not the case. cases in England until March So they won’t be the same but I think there will be great similarities

“First of all, from what I have read about the announcement the Prime Minister is likely to make later, and I look forward to it, he is likely to suggest a way forward. follow careful and cautious and I think that’s really important

“I think it is vital that we learn from past experiences and similar to us, it seems that they will prioritize children and education and bring young people back to life before doing anything else

“I think the principles will be the same, we are living the same pandemic, there is a limit to how much it is reasonable to diverge under the circumstances we face in common

“But it is clear that we will make our own judgments on the particular order and the precise moment of it, because the data is not identical in each of the four nations”

Meanwhile, Scotland has recorded 715 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours and no deaths

This brings the death toll by this measure – of people who tested positive for the virus for the first time in the past 28 days – to 6,950

There are 1,141 patients hospitalized with recently confirmed Covid-19, an increase of nine in 24 hours, with the number in intensive care remaining unchanged at 99

Meanwhile, a total of 1,445,488 had received their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine, an increase of 13,546 from the previous day

Former prime minister names people he claims were involved in efforts to damage his reputation in final submission

Alex Salmond said the “inescapable conclusion” was that there had been a “malicious and concerted attempt” to see him excluded from public life

The former Prime Minister’s brief was released on Monday evening by the Scottish Government’s Handling of Harassment Complaints Committee

Salmond names people he says have been involved in efforts to damage his reputation – including husband and chief of staff Nicola Sturgeon – and describes Crown office as “inadequate” under his leadership current

In his final comment, Salmond said: ‘The inescapable conclusion is a malicious and concerted attempt to damage my reputation and withdraw from public life in Scotland

“It is an attempt which, in fact, would have succeeded without the protection of the judiciary and jurors and in particular of the Court of Session and the High Court of Justiciary

“However, underlying all of this and perhaps the most serious problem of all is the complete removal of the necessary barriers that should exist between the government, the political parties and, indeed, the authorities. prosecution in any country that respects the rule of law

“I leave the question of what is and is not a conspiracy to others, but I am very clear in my position that the evidence supports a deliberate, prolonged, malicious and concerted effort among a range of people at the within the Scottish government and the SNP to damage my reputation, even to the point of imprisonment

“This includes, for the avoidance of doubt, Peter Murrell (chief executive), Ian McCann (chief compliance officer) and Sue Ruddick (chief operating officer) of the SNP as well as Liz Lloyd, chief of staff to the prime minister

He added: “The real cost to the people of Scotland is several million pounds and yet no one in this whole process has said the simple words which are sometimes needed to renew and refresh democratic institutions -” I resign ”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon claimed there was “not a shred of evidence” Salmond could show to prove that there was a plot against him

Former prime minister alleged his successor misled Parliament and broke ministerial code

The committee is investigating the Scottish government’s botched handling of harassment allegations against it – which resulted in Salmond winning £ 512,000 payment following a case in Edinburgh Session Court

PSM previously decided not to release the former prime minister’s submission to a separate inquiry, which examines whether Sturgeon violated the ministerial code

The Scottish Parliament (SPCB) body then concluded ‘overall’ that it would be ‘possible’ for the document to be released

Sturgeon said: “What we haven’t seen is a shred of evidence to back up these wild claims

“And if, as I fully expected, there is no proof, because there was no conspiracy, then people will draw their own conclusions”

Salmond also claims in his latest published communication that evidence held by the Crown’s office is blocked at committee

The former prime minister said: “Despite this deplorable ban, I can confirm that all the important factual statements made in this communication are supported by documentary evidence

“Where I am legally authorized to direct the committee to such documents, I will be happy to do so”

A spokesperson for the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) said: “We take seriously our responsibility to uphold the law and protect the dignity and rights of all who come in contact with COPFS

“Scottish prosecutors have acted independently and in the public interest at all times when considering matters relating to this case”

Mechelle Smith says being on a ventilator while pregnant with her third child was the scariest time of her life

Pregnant mother-of-three who spent 18 days in intensive care says she gained strength hearing nurses say the names of her children Ms. Ms. Smith, of Kilmarnock, described her battle with Covid as the most important period scariest of her life and says she is grateful to the NHS team that saved her and her unborn baby Mechelle, her husband William and three children, Lucy, 10, Emily, 9, and Jessica, one year, all tested positive for coronavirus in January

Only Mechelle, then 28 weeks pregnant and suffering from diabetes, had to be hospitalized

Fifteen days after her positive Covid test, the 35-year-old was admitted to Crosshouse Hospital when she could not feel her baby move

Mechelle said: “This is the hardest thing I have ever been through Thinking about my kids kept me going When the staff woke me up from a coma they kept telling me my children’s names

“These are the first things I heard when I woke up I thought I had to go through this for my kids I need to get the strength from somewhere”

Tests revealed Mechelle had developed pneumonia, pleurisy and a blood clot on her lung The mother-to-be was transferred to intensive care and made a video the day before she was put on a ventilator, in which she spoke of her fears She said: “The staff kept telling me I had to put myself first, but as a mom you just want to put your baby first so that was really scary

“The doctor told me they were considering a Caesarean section I know babies survive to 28 weeks, but I knew it would be difficult and he could potentially be very sick The doctor also told me that if i had a caesarean there was a chance i wouldn’t wake up from it “I posted the video on Facebook because I had seen people there say, ‘Oh people have to get their act together , I have had more serious colds ”“ I know I am pregnant and have diabetes, but it is well controlled and I have no other health problems I would never have thought that Covid would have affected me that way “

With her very low oxygen levels, Mechelle was placed in a medically induced coma Nurses printed pictures of her children and placed them around mother’s bed “In the intensive care diary that nurses kept it to me, they said the baby’s heart rate was going up through the roof, so they decided to keep me sedated for six days, “Mechelle said

“It was also said that there was a day when they were ready to take the baby out They were all prepared and one of the doctors had called the specialist ECMO unit in Aberdeen. After consulting them, luckily they had decided not to do it “When I woke up for the first time I could only move my eyes and at first I thought something terrible had happened I didn’t feel any movement from the baby during the first two days

“I was reassured that I had a CT scan while on a ventilator and everything was fine After two days I started to feel the baby move again, which was really good”

After 18 days, Mechelle was able to leave the hospital to be with her family for her youngest daughter’s first birthday

Now recovering at home, she can’t wait to return to the hospital for childbirth Mechelle knows she’s going to have a boy, a baby she describes as “her little miracle” She said: ” I think my age contributed to my recovery because in a few days I was able to move on my own Within a week I was able to walk very slowly again I was determined to get back on my feet “Now at 32 weeks, Mechelle undergoes numerous scans and slowly regains her strength, preparing for the arrival of the new addition to her family at the end of March.“I have a lot of support at home,” she said. “It has been difficult for everyone, but now we are hopefully at the other end and looking forward to the new baby

“I had the most amazing care I know without it I wouldn’t be here I’m so grateful because it’s not just me, it’s my baby’s life too

“From my video I get messages of support from all over the world. It’s amazing to spread some hope this way”

Majority of pregnant women diagnosed with Covid have only mild or moderate symptoms, according to Royal College of Midwives

Dr Mary Ross-Davie, of the Royal College of Midwives in Scotland, said: ‘The numbers are low but some women are getting seriously ill during this second wave and this is of particular concern

“This important update to our advice confirms that pregnant women who are in their third trimester of pregnancy or who have pre-existing medical conditions are at a higher risk of developing serious illness

“We encourage pregnant women to continue to pay close attention to social distancing measures and good hygiene, and to contact their maternity team if they have any concerns about their health or that of their baby.”

Baby Sofia was born prematurely at 22 weeks and four days and spent four months in hospital

One of the youngest babies to survive being born prematurely in Scotland has finally returned home after more than four months in hospital

Baby Sofia was born prematurely at 22 weeks and four days at Wishaw University Hospital, and doctors gave her only a ten percent chance of surviving in labor

Yet the youngster defied all expectations and has now returned home with his parents Egija and Inars

Due February 1st but born October 2nd, at 500g, Sofia weighed as little as a loaf of bread and at 26cm, was no bigger than a human hand

Mum Egija, from Airdrie, said: “Everything was fine at the 20 week scan. Then a little over a week later I felt pain so I went to the hospital. and was told I was already dilated and needed to start labor

“After ten days of bed rest, our beloved daughter Sofia made an appearance She came into the world with the loudest cry and was crying so much We didn’t expect her to survive, but she did. is where our journey began “

Sofia spent her first three months in an incubator with mom and dad spending hours every day by her side

Egija said: “Sofia was literally the size of a hand, so fragile and small and her skin was transparent I had to wait a week to hold her for the first time because she was so fragile Once I I was able to hold it, they couldn’t get it out of my hands “

Sofia suffered from a number of health problems in the hospital, heart defect in stage 1 brain bleeding, eye disease, retinopathy of prematurity and numerous infections

/ p>

This caused her to be ventilated to help her breathe and, although she is at home, she still has a tube attached to give her extra oxygen

Egija continued, “I was in the hospital all the time Some days until 4pm, and my husband would come in after work. I just didn’t want to leave her, especially on the many very difficult days when we didn’t think Sofia would succeed

“We would like to thank all the staff at the Maternity, Newborn Intensive Care Unit and Special Baby Care Unit at Wishaw and Glasgow Children’s Hospital. saved and my little miracle They have done so much for us and they will always be our family and forever in our hearts They will be missed so much

“Some of the staff were surprised that I arrive every day with a smile on my face, but I wanted to be strong for Sofia I didn’t want her to see me cry and I never cried in front of her until she was strong enough to fit in a cot Then I had a good happy cry

“She was hooked up to a lot of machines and was ventilated for several weeks to help her breathe. The first time they tried to get her to breathe on her own she only lasted twenty minutes, then her heart rate dropped and I felt like I was losing it, but the medical and nursing staff were great I almost passed out, I was so scared

“They kept trying every two weeks and on the sixth try she managed to stay off the ventilator. Then she didn’t react well after being vaccinated and vaccinated in the crib and forgot how to breathe,” so she had to go back to the incubator a few weeks ago”

It wasn’t until the last few weeks that Sofia was strong enough to fit into a crib as her weight and strength improved. Then it was finally time to come home

Egija said: “Sofia has been doing very well since we got home She has the biggest and most beautiful smile on her face and is getting used to her new surroundings We all love her including my two dogs who are very curious about this new arrival

“She is now four months old and I look at her and think she might still be in my womb because of her small size, even though she is now four times her birth weight

“We have a lot of follow-up checks at the hospital for the first two years and she has to go for check-ups at the lung clinic for three or four years, but it’s all going in the right direction

“For all the other mummies who start such early labor, there is hope Never give up I want to share this story because I can give hope to other moms who are waiting so soon”

Cheryl Clark, Chief Midwife of NHS Lanarkshire, said: ‘Baby Sofia is such an inspiration and we are so happy that she is now home with her family

“On behalf of all the staff who were involved in her care, I wish Sofia and her parents all the best for their future together”

Children aged four to eight in primary ones one to three were back in class on Monday, along with some high school students who need hands-on work to qualify

Upper secondary students will need to stick to a two-meter social distance in schools and school buses, while Covid-19 tests will be made available to them and teachers

At Inverkip Primary School in Inverclyde, children and parents followed a one-way system as they entered the building, sanitizing their hands before returning to their classrooms for the first time since December

Seven-year-old Eilidh Hyett, a third grade student, said she missed seeing her friends and teachers

She added: “When we get to school, there is a box of hand sanitizer and we sanitize our hands before entering class.

“We always stay two meters from each other and we don’t really touch each other and we don’t touch things”

“Seeing how happy they are to be back in school, it makes a big difference to their mental well-being

“At that age a lot of the learning they do is about their social skills and the benefits of school structure and learning as a group of children, so that they definitely missed being in the school environment “

She added that she had struggled to reconcile schooling for her children at home and work

“It’s just juggling me and my husband and a lot of catching up in the evenings and I took a lot of annual leave to make it easier,” she said

Una Nicolson, Principal of Inverkip Primary, said she was delighted to see the children again with “beaming smiles”

She said the main challenges in the future will be to ensure the school is safe and children’s mental health

Staff have been offered the option to take a Covid-19 test twice a week and returning students will continue to follow the coronavirus measures in place

“Staff make sure to keep a distance of two meters from each other and from children as much as possible,” she said, adding that adults wear masks like some students if they wish.

She added: “You can see on the smiley faces today that the overwhelming feeling is the happiness and the fun of being back to school

“We are aware that today, beneath those smiles, there can be feelings of anxiety and we will continue to ensure that the health and well-being of our children is at the heart of our taking decision “

Inverkip Primary has told parents when to drop children off at school gates in order to maintain social distance

Education Secretary John Swinney said it was “essential” for parents to follow rules for wearing masks and physical distance at gates

He told Good Morning Scotland on Monday that the biggest threat to education would be an increase in the spread of the virus across the country, as he urged Scots to follow public health advice

“The biggest threat to opening schools is not epidemics in schools, it is community transmission of the virus,” he said

When asked if parents at the school gates contributed to the prevalence of the virus before this lockdown, Swinney said: “The whole community was driving the virus

“I don’t particularly want to single out particular groups – the whole society interacted too much, which is why we had to lock ourselves in”

Swinney said ministers will carefully monitor the data when the initial cohort of students returns before deciding whether others may return to class

Man to stand trial charged with killing five people in fatal traffic accident – including his four-year-old son

Alfredo Ciociola, who lives in Sicily, was not in court to hear Judge Lord Mulholland set the trial on May 24 at the High Court in Aberdeen

Ciociola, 48, is accused of causing the crash on the A96 near Keith, Aberdeenshire on July 26, 2018

He pleaded not guilty to causing all five deaths and serious injuries by dangerous driving

At the High Court in Glasgow on Monday, defense judge Ian Duguid said: “The defendant who resides in Sicily is coming for trial in hopes that travel restrictions will be lifted by now may

“It will fly from Catania airport, currently closed due to the eruption of Mount Etna”

Ciociola allegedly crashed a Fiat minibus into a 4 × 4 after falling asleep at the wheel

Italian compatriots Frances Saliba, 63, and Lorenzo Ciociola, four, who were passengers in the minibus have died

Edward Reid, 63, of Macduff, Audrey Appleby, 70, and Evalyn Elrick, 69, both of Aberchirder, all of Aberdeenshire, who were in the other car also died

The prosecution further states that Ciociola did not pay attention, braked several times and then drove on the wrong side of the road

Judge Lord Mulholland has ordered a new preliminary hearing on May 10 to verify that the trial will proceed

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said the entire population could be vaccinated by the end of July “ if we have the supplies ”

All adults in Scotland could be offered the first dose of vaccine by July 31 if supplies are blocked, Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Monday

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has set himself the goal of giving all English adults their first dose on Sunday on the same date

However, the number of vaccines available for Scotland fell last week due to supply issues, peaking at just 13,546 people receiving the first dose on Sunday – a sharp drop from earlier this month, when the peak reached over 60,000 in one day

Speaking at the coronavirus briefing in Edinburgh on Monday, the Prime Minister said: ‘Yes, if we have the supplies we believe we can meet the July 31 target to do all of the population

“We are waiting for an updated supply forecast to give me certainty and to give the Secretary of Health confidence that we will have these supplies or we can at this point assume that we will have these supplies

“What I would say now is that if we have these supplies, we will and we will vaccinate as quickly as possible”

The Prime Minister said she was confident in the deployment of Scotland, which she said was Europe’s highest daily rate in points last week

“We have shown that we can really make this vaccination program a motor, but obviously the biggest stressor will be the volume of supplies,” she said.

“So hopefully the JCVI list, which we always said (we would vaccinate) by May, hopefully – if supplies allow – we could move it forward to mid-April, then the adult population at the end of July

“But we need to have that certainty in supply before we can be absolutely firm on this”

A study released on Monday said the Covid-19 vaccines used in the UK could reduce a person’s risk of being hospitalized by up to 94% four weeks after the first dose

Four weeks after receiving the initial dose, the Oxford jab appeared to reduce a person’s risk of hospitalization in Scotland by up to 94%

Five other French players tested positive for the coronavirus before the Six Nations clash on Sunday in Paris

Scotland will have to wait until Wednesday to find out if their Guinness Six Nations clash in Paris will continue after France confirms five other players have tested positive for the coronavirus

The Blues are due to welcome Gregor Townsend’s team to the Stade de France on Sunday – but the game has been called into question after an epidemic within Fabien Galthie’s team

The latest test results mean that Captain Charles Ollivon has been excluded from the game – if he continues – along with Cyril Baille, Peato Mauvaka, Romain Taofifenua and Brice Dulin

The French Rugby Federation has also confirmed that two members of its management team are also suspected cases

Six Nations chiefs now say they plan to meet again on Wednesday evening to decide whether their showdown with the Scots can continue

Scottish Rugby issued a statement on Monday evening, saying the team are continuing their preparations to play in Paris

At the same time, the Six Nations said in a statement: “A meeting of the Six Nations Test Oversight Group (TOG) was held today to take stock of the situation in France in relation to the Covid-19 epidemic in the French team

“The TOG has been informed by the representative of the French Rugby Federation that all the players who returned to the National Training Center yesterday were tested on their arrival and placed in isolation pending the results.

“The rest of the team, who have all tested negative, train with limited movements and no close contact for the next 48 hours All players and staff will be tested every 24 hours

“The TOG will meet again on Wednesday February 24 in the evening to take stock of the situation A decision as to whether the France-Scotland match can take place will be taken at this stage Ensure the health and safety of all players and staff is our number one priority If the decision is that the match cannot take place, the match will be rescheduled to the earliest possible date

“The Six Nations wish all affected players, coaches and support teams a speedy recovery”

Gaetan Balot, Thierry Paiva, Cyril Cazeaux, Baptiste Pesenti and Thomas Ramos have now been called up to a new France team of 31 players

The FRF revealed on Sunday that center Arthur Vincent and hooker Julien Marchand had tested positive for the coronavirus, joining Dupont, Gabin Villière and Mohamed Haouas in isolation

Galthie and her assistant William Servat also tested positive earlier this week and have been placed in quarantine

France lead the league after two rounds of matches, having opened their campaign with victories against Italy and Ireland

A statement from the FFR said: “Following the RT-PCR tests carried out on Sunday, February 21, five new players tested positive for Covid-19, which led to the selection of five new players for prepare for the match against Scotland

“Cyril Baille (25 selections, Stade Toulousain), Peato Mauvaka (6 selections, Stade Toulousain), Romain Taofifenua (22 selections, RC Toulon), Charles Ollivon (20 selections, RC Toulon) and Brice Dulin (33 selections, Stade Rochelais) have tested positive for COVID-19

“Two members of the management are considered a suspect case With a view to isolation, the return to the country of the actors and members of the management concerned is underway

“The return to collective training is scheduled for Wednesday February 24, subject to the results of tests carried out every 24 hours”

Andy Murray revealed he couldn’t bring himself to watch the Australian Open and ditched other players on social media after being forced to miss the event

The former world number one was unable to make it to Australia following an untimely coronavirus episode and, as other big names in the sport battled in Melbourne, he was competing in a Challenger tournament from lower level in Italy

Murray said: “I didn’t watch any of them because I wanted to be there myself It was a struggle to be honest I stopped following every tennis player I follow on social media and all because I didn’t really want to see it “

The tournament ended in a familiar way on Sunday with Novak Djokovic claiming a ninth title with a straight-set victory over Daniil Medvedev in the men’s singles final

He struck another blow for Djokovic’s former guard Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer against the younger generation

Murray said: “I expected the final to be closer to be honest, but I also know how good Novak is and when he is on his game and obviously very motivated

“I saw before the final that Medvedev said something like Novak having immense pressure on him which is true but these guys were at the top of the game they had to face under immense pressure their entire career and they know how to face it and perform at their best when it counts

“The younger ones, for me, they didn’t show they were particularly close. Obviously, what happened at the US Open, (Dominic) Thiem did what he had to do to win the event, but if Novak hadn’t put a bullet in the linesman’s throat it would be the same result, I think”

Murray made the most of his time in Italy to reach the final before losing to Illya Marchenko.He will play his first ATP Tour event of the season this week at the Open Sud de France in Montpellier and he remains optimistic about his hopes as he continues to recover from his long-term injury issues

“It was good to get all five matches,” said the 33-year-old “I found the conditions difficult to play there to be honest. In terms of tennis level, it was sometimes OK

“I think in the quarterfinals or something like that I felt a little bit tired, then I played a really good game in the semi-finals and felt great, then I felt great on the days of the final, then at the start of the match I just felt really heavy and wasn’t doing well at all

“But I guess that’s understandable enough, I hadn’t played a lot of games in the last five months and was going out for two weeks where I was hardly allowed to do anything at all. cause of the virus And physically in terms of pain I felt good My hips and things were fine

“I play in training with a lot of top players and I know how I stack up against them If I was smoking while I was practicing I wouldn’t keep going through it But I know the level at which I play

“As long as I can stay in shape for a while and get some good training and games, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to compete with the best players

“Obviously playing your Rafas, Novaks, Rogers, Medvedevs, Thiem is difficult It would have been the case when I was ranked at the top of the game

“I always feel like I can compete for big events I wish I could show that in Australia I was ready to do that No question”

Negotiating coronavirus travel restrictions is another puzzle every tennis player should be familiar with

Murray could spread the virus for a few weeks, and revealed he tested positive on arrival in Italy, while his trip to France was delayed pending a test

He needs a negative test, meanwhile, to be able to make it to his next tournament in Rotterdam next week

“It’s tough and difficult, but this is the situation we are in right now and all the players are in it,” he said. “If the tour continues, we all have to accept it and hopefully in the later stages of this year maybe once the vaccine rolls out it will make traveling a bit easier”

Nicola Sturgeon says she doesn’t believe her predecessor Alex Salmond can show proof of a conspiracy against him because his claims are “false”

Salmond accuses the Prime Minister of breaking the ministerial code and of misleading the Scottish Parliament

A Holyrood committee is investigating the Scottish government’s botched handling of harassment allegations against him – which saw Salmond win a £ 512,000 payment following a case in Edinburgh Session Court

Salmond claims that “Parliament has been repeatedly misled on several occasions” about a meeting he had with Sturgeon at her home on April 2, 2018

But the current prime minister told STV News that his predecessor had not filed any evidence for this or his other claims

Sturgeon said: “He (Salmond) has made statements, or he seems to be making allegations or suggestions, there has been some sort of conspiracy against him or a concerted campaign against him, there is no any evidence about it, then this is an opportunity for him to replace the innuendo and assertion with evidence “

“I don’t believe he can because I know what he is saying is not true, but the burden of proof is on him. If he cannot provide this evidence, he should stop making these claims about people because they are unfair and deeply distressing

A key organ at Holyrood ruled last week that a submission from Salmond – in which he claims Sturgeon violated ministerial code – could be released

The Scottish Parliament (SPCB) body has concluded “overall” that it is “possible” for the document to be released

As a result, Salmond is now due to testify before the Holyrood committee on Wednesday, and Sturgeon is expected to have his say a week later.

A separate investigation specifically examines a potential breach of the ministerial code of ethics by Sturgeon, who has repeatedly denied cheating on Parliament

The Prime Minister said on Monday: “I have not broken the ministerial code, but this is an issue for the independent advisor on the code to determine and I will firmly refute any suggestions I have made, and I’m not going to go ahead and start talking in a hypothetical sense

“Regarding the commission’s investigation, I’m actually quite relieved that it got to this point, it took a long time to come. My own appearance before her, I think, was postponed four or five times, so next week I hope to have the opportunity to respond to any allegations that have been made about me and submit to a legitimate review

“The Scottish government of course made a mistake in But this week is an opportunity for Alex Salmond – I hope he comes to committee on Wednesday”

“The people he accuses of this are not only the women who complained – first and foremost – but also people who have dedicated years, sometimes decades, to Alex’s public service. Salmond

“It’s not fair to make these claims unless there is some hard evidence to back them up, which I don’t believe”

One of the main issues considered by the committee is when Sturgeon first learned of the complaints against Salmond

Sturgeon, who took over as prime minister and SNP leader at the end of 2014, first told Holyrood she first heard complaints of sexual misconduct against her predecessor during the ‘a meeting with him at his home on April 2, 2018

But during Salmond’s subsequent criminal trial, it was revealed that Sturgeon had been made aware of the allegations during an informal meeting with his former chief of staff Geoff Aberdein on March 29 of this year – four days earlier – with Sturgeon later telling the investigation that she “Forgot” the meeting

Sturgeon said: “Alex Salmond came to my house on April 2, 2018 He told me in a pretty bloody way what he was accused of – maybe more specifically he told me about one of these incidents

“A question was raised about a meeting I had with his former chief of staff three days before that” I will present to the committee my recollections of that meeting, but I stand by what I said in parliament This meeting never had in my mind the meaning that it obviously has with others, but I recalled my memories “

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said Sturgeon “sets up a straw man whenever she is asked what she knew and when allegations of sexual misconduct involving Alex Salmond”

He said: “This is not a conspiracy, as she and other SNP figures have repeatedly suggested, on every opportunity they get

“Nicola Sturgeon isn’t just asking the public to believe she forgot about a secret meeting where she apparently first learned of sexual harassment complaints against her 30-year-old friend, she now insists that the meeting “never took place meaning ‘for her

“If that was really when she found out, it is nonsense to try and pretend it was an insignificant meeting

“The ruling governing party let women down and lost over £ 500,000 in taxpayer money This is the subject of this investigation. Not the SNP civil war or any conspiracy theory”

She expects serious allegations in Alex Salmond’s written evidence and when he takes on MSPs on Wednesday She says there is not the slightest evidence that there was a conspiracy against him

/ p>

We are still awaiting the release of his written testimony – committee members expect today they expected it hours ago

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