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Rupert Hargreaves | Tuesday February 23, 2021 | Find out more: IAG

Boris Johnson’s announcement that the government seeks to end all coronavirus restrictions over the summer has been met with cheers from the holiday industry The number of visitors to websites holidays rose after yesterday’s announcement There has also been a surge in demand for travel documents, such as the IAG share price (LSE: IAG)

The announcement suggests that the travel industry could experience a recovery in the second half of 2021 This means airlines such as British Airways, which IAG owns, may be able to initiate the recovery process With that in mind, I took a closer look at the IAG share price with the intention of adding it to my portfolio as a trade-in game

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Yesterday’s announcement was a step in the right direction for the travel industry Unfortunately, it will not be able to recoup last year’s losses overnight Even as vacation bookings quickly return to levels observed in 2019, companies could take years to repay the debt they have accumulated throughout the crisis

In some cases this liquidity comes with tight restrictions.For example, BA recently announced that by deferring pension contributions and taking out another loan, it had increased its liquidity by £ 25 billion Under the terms of the pension agreement, the airline will not pay any dividends to IAG until the end of 2023 in exchange for deferring contributions to the deficit There are also dividend restrictions linked to the £ 2bn loan the company received

Before the pandemic, BA was IAG’s cash cow These restrictions mean that the group will now receive limited distributions from its subsidiary This could impact IAG share price returns

However, this does not take into account the most optimistic scenario If the airline industry recovers faster than expected, BA may be able to refinance its loans This could remove the restrictions, allowing the group to resume dividend payments to its parent company

The company could also benefit from the fact that one of its main competitors on the critical London-New York route, Norwegian, has withdrawn from the long-haul market Another competitor, Virgin, has also had to drastically reduce operations due to solvency issues

Therefore, in the future, I think the company will face significant challenges, but there will also be opportunities

Based on all of the above, I am cautiously optimistic about the outlook for the IAG share price The worst could be behind the business It may take some time for the group to regain profitability levels of 2019 But the imminent threat to its survival now seems over

That said, there is no guarantee that IAG will be able to put the worst behind it in 2021 As such, I am not going to buy the stocks in my portfolio today The company is facing an uphill struggle for recovery I think there are better ways to invest in the global economic recovery than this airline drowning in debt

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