Whether they offer food and drink or a two week break, many in the hospitality industry are hoping for positive news from the PM

Few industries have suffered as badly during the pandemic as the vacation and hospitality industry, which have missed countless billions in lost revenue since the restrictions were first imposed last year

But what are their chances of getting what they want – and what is equally important – when?

Follow the live coverage on Sky News as the Prime Minister is expected to address the House of Commons at 3.30am and host a press conference on Downing Street at 7pm

UK Hospitality Managing Director Kate Nicholls said: “We all look forward to” to see details of Boris Johnson’s roadmap out of lockdown in England

“It’s a very long roadmap, doubling the time we’ve already spent in this third lockdown with no income,” she told Sky News

The aviation sector has been one of the hardest hit by the crisis, with airports deserted and thousands of jobs cut thanks to travel restrictions designed to curb the spread of the virus

And many in the industry have criticized the government for the lack of financial support and the sometimes messy manner in which it has introduced measures such as quarantine, testing and other measures.

One of the most outspoken was Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary, who criticized the government for its “mismanagement of COVID”

M O’Leary wants more support for the industry and a suspension of air passenger service on flights

Heathrow chief executive John Holland Kaye called in December for a “roadmap for vaccine deployment in the UK in 2021, so that all companies – including aviation – can plan in consequence “

At the time, he warned that international travel from Britain’s busiest airport had effectively been stopped, with around 60 countries closing their borders to travel from the UK

The airport, like others, has seen passenger numbers drop this year to levels not seen in decades, with a full recovery not anticipated for several years

Ministers are undoubtedly aware of the difficult situation Ms Nicholls described and of the limited relief that is at hand

Beginning March 8, when the lockdown easing plan begins, two people can meet outside for coffee “to address some of the issues of loneliness, and of course the mental health as well, “vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi said

Starting March 29, when many schools take a break for Easter, the “rule of six” returns, with new measures allowing two households totaling more than six people to meet outside – offering food and drink sales possibilities

The situation is different in Wales, however, where self-catering holiday accommodation could reopen in time for the Easter period, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said last week

“The best would be the reopening of independent housing where there are no shared facilities and there is no social mix”

He said they could pursue a policy similar to last summer with the opening of self-catering holiday accommodation first

But he also made it clear that he didn’t expect hospitality to be part of this initial reopening of the economy.

The Scottish government is expected to issue a ‘revised policy framework’ on Tuesday, but Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said travel restrictions will likely remain in place and Scots have been warned against booking breaks in the country during Easter holidays

It was “highly unlikely” that hotels and independent establishments would then be fully open to accommodate people, she added.

The Northern Ireland executive promises “small steps” to ease restrictions, but from March 8, groups of 10 or more people with no more than two households will be able to gather in parks or other outdoor public spaces

According to the five-week-by-step schedule, April 12 is the next step towards full easing

For the hospitality industry, whose members hope to be included in this second stage in one form or another, April 5 would be the time when they would receive final confirmation

Various reports suggest hospitality could return at some point between the Easter weekend and May, with an initial focus on providing outdoors

The longer-term picture of the government’s plans is not yet clear, but The Telegraph reports that April is the first pubs and restaurants will likely be allowed to reopen, with the service only allowed to outside

Details on what is proposed for the remaining stages are expected later, but four five-week sections starting March 8 mean the plan could end on July 26

As parents know, it’s very close to the start of the summer school vacation and keeps the promise of a traditional summer vacation

And, on paper, the rest of the world should welcome the British, as 17 million adults have already received a first dose of the vaccine, with the aim of giving a dose to all adults at around the same time

Choosing a 12 week interval between jabs rather than three has allowed the UK to vaccinate more of its citizens at a faster rate than many other countries

Some, however, may not want to travel to a country with lower coverage, which in turn could mean an even sunnier summer for the UK holiday industry.

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