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David Attenborough, 95, had viewers “worried” about his health after delivering a special video message to the United Nations Security Council Throughout his speech Sir David appeared to have trouble keeping his left eye open Fans quickly took to Twitter to express concern about the broadcaster’s health, with one writing: “Sir David Attenborough doesn’t look good, it worries me #climatemeeting”

One of them said: “David Attenborough is talking right now and he really doesn’t look good Please Lord wrap him in all the durable cotton you can find Nothing wrong with his speech “

Others praised him for his clarity in his speech on the threat of climate change, writing: “David Attenborough is captivating I just cried a little

“Has there ever been a human capable of taking people with him to such a degree?”

In his video message to the Security Council on Tuesday, Sir David pleaded for countries around the world to come together to declare a climate emergency

The broadcaster warned of the “new and unprecedented threats” facing future generations, unless swift action is taken to help the environment

Sir David said: “If we continue on our current path, we will face the collapse of whatever gives us security

“If the natural world can no longer provide for our basic needs, much of the rest of civilization will quickly collapse

“Please make no mistake, climate change is the greatest security threat modern humans have ever faced”

Britain is committed to Net Zero by 2050, but as next month’s budget approaches, Climate Change Committee Chairman Lord Deben called for a change in the tax system to speed up Britain’s greening

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Lord Deben highlighted taxes that favor polluters over the environment, including a 20% VAT on the sale of electric cars – the same as diesel and gasoline vehicles

He wrote: “The government must make it easier and cheaper to do the right thing and harder and more expensive to destroy nature”

The peer urged Britain to copy Norway’s tax incentives for electric cars, which now account for 54% of sales in that country

The Treasury pointed out that the 10-point plan of M Johnson for his Green Industrial Revolution included £ 12bn in government funding for low-carbon technologies such as electric vehicles

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David Attenborough

World News – UK – David Attenborough raises concerns among fans during UN speech “Please wrap it in cotton”

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1401534/David-Attenborough-health-fears-security-council-interview-reaction-video-latest-vn