James’ Arg’ Argent has been warned by doctors that he could be “lost” if he tests positive for coronavirus, due to his size of 27 stones

The “Only Way is Essex” star booked “life-saving” gastric surgery after struggling with his weight since he was a teenager, and he’s desperate to change his life “before he either too late “

He said: “I am currently at 27 stones I speak regularly to the doctors and nurses of the Transform Hospital Group They gave me advice

“They basically said the size I am right now could be fatal If I were to catch COVID I could be a motherfucker

“It’s not just that, my mom and dad, they had heart problems themselves, so it’s kind of hereditary in my family, in my genes and all

“I have struggled with my weight since I was a teenager Over the past 15/16 years I have always found it almost impossible to achieve a healthy balance and a happy medium

“I’m not saying I can’t lose weight without this kind of surgery, but I’ve never been able to keep it off before So I just believe this time I took a decision, I talked to all my friends, family, everyone has their opinion and you know nine times out of 10 they said it wasn’t funny anymore, Go ahead That’s why I made the decision

“It’s not like I got locked out of weight and was doing anything drastic to do it, it’s something that I had this underlying problem in terms of of weight and eating disorder since my teenage years “

Arg has yet to decide what type of gastric surgery to undergo, but he is inspired by professional boxer Tyson Fury, who threw nine stones and became a world champion fighter.

The reality TV star explained, “This is a really, really serious operation. At the moment, I haven’t decided precisely which one it’s going to be, there are sleeve, bypass options, I have to do some more research, talk to a few other people

“But the surgery is going to take place, it will happen in the near future I really hope it will work for me, it will change my life

“I’m inspired by Tyson Fury He’s a heavyweight world champion, he had similar issues and demons to me in terms of drugs, drink, weight He was morbidly obese

“If he can turn the tide and come back, become world champion and get his life in order

“I’m not saying I’m going to keep going and become world champion, but if I can get 10% of the return he’s got, that would be the dream for me”

Arg and his former ‘TOWIE’ co-star Gemma Collins have been in an on / off relationship for years, and although they are only friends at the moment, he insisted that they ” will always be close “

Speaking on ‘Good Morning Britain’ he added: ‘We’re not officially back together It’s impossible to be in a relationship with anyone knowing that I can’t meet anyone outside of home and stuff like that

“Look, we’re friends right now and we’ve been in touch and you know whatever’s going on between Gemma and me we’ve been through a lot together and we’ll always be close”

Speaking about her supposed sex tape, Arg said: “I mean, unfortunately for everyone at home, if she had made a sex tape it was definitely not with me

“I’m not sure how good a sex tape of me and Gemma would be

“I watched” Life Stories “and was a little amused to say the least about the sex tape, maybe I was a little jealous

“Maybe I should ask Gemma to show me, but maybe she did, maybe she had a little reaction and she panicked and now she says that it never happened Who knows with Gemma, you never know, do you? “

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