And the couple behind Super U have revealed they are launching a crowdfunding campaign as part of their growth plans

Fast-growing Gateshead superfood company Super U set to enter the US market after emerging victorious from the Dragon Pit

But Sean Ali and Charlotte Bailey won’t use the £ 50,000 investment they got on the BBC One show – they are launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise 10 times that amount

Viewers watched last night, April 8, as the pair became the latest Northeast firm to conquer the panel of millionaire Dragon Pit entrepreneurs, securing a bevy of offers to match the investment for which they had invested

Having recently moved from the Natwest Accelerator hub to a refurbished unit near Gateshead Stadium, Super U offers a collection of superfood blends inspired by the couple’s personal health concerns

The couple, who now live in South Shields, had met at Nottingham Trent University, where Ms Bailey was studying law and Mr Ali was pursuing a diploma in business management and economics

M Ali spent part of his studies in America, where he studied natural foods such as acai, baobab, spirulina and acerola, which had become popular in the United States in smoothies and protein shakes.

Ms Bailey had some health issues, but it wasn’t until she was diagnosed with celiac disease and followed a strict gluten-free diet that the couple realized how much her fatigue and digestive issues had affected. all his life

Incorporating superfood blends into their diet gave it new life, prompting the couple to launch Super U in 2017 to give everyone a chance to taste their goodness.

After graduation, the duo worked with nutrition experts and functional medicine physicians to create their own line of products to help support immunity, digestion, skin health, energy and focus

The resulting Super U blends are certified organic, gluten-free and plant-based, with no flavoring or sweetening fillers

The couple’s mission is to make superfoods more accessible to everyone, so that blends – such as Shroom Coffee, Berry Beauty, and Clean Greens – can be added to smoothies, shakes, salads, yogurts. and drinks

After telling the Dragons about the company, the five – Sara Davies, Peter Jones, Deborah Meadon, Tej Lalvani and Touker Suleyman – made the same offer of £ 50,000 for 5% stake

M Ali said: “We prepared for absolute cooking – but it couldn’t have gone better that day

“We only asked £ 50,000 for 5% – we thought we would be reasonable – and Sara Davies walked in first and offered us what we had done, and they all followed suit, this who was absolutely crazy and we weren’t prepared for it Peter said we were one of the best he had seen since Levi Roots We were in shock I think “

They eventually brokered a joint deal with Tej Lalvani and Peter Jones for a £ 50,000 investment in exchange for 6% equity

Ms Bailey said: “We all loved dragons, but we thought they were the best dragons to help us take our business to the next level. It was difficult to hold him together when we got back in the elevator, “I’m so grateful that we went through this together and it’s something we will remember forever”

However, since filming the show last summer, they have revealed that the investment deal is not in place.

Instead, the two have decided to go it alone and will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign on the Seedrs platform to help fund their ambitious plans to enter the US market.

M Ali said: “Long story short, the deal is not done We have decided to move away from the deal and we are preparing for a crowdfunding deal Our pre-registration page went live on evening of the show

“Instead of getting £ 50,000 for 6% we’re trying to raise £ 550,000 for 10% Our big plan for this year is to launch in America in August / September and we just felt we had more need money We are an online business and on an online call with Tej he directed us to retail which we are not really interested in at the moment due to our performance as a that online business “

They were supposed to appear on Dragons ’Den a few years ago – but that coincided when the disaster hit a year in the business

In November 2018, M Ali was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a form of blood cancer, at just 26. After chemotherapy and radiation therapy, he was given the green light the following July and is still officially in remission

He said: “I’m back to good health now, but it was a bit of a hit Fortunately the business continued to grow and in July when I got the whole thing up we raised 160 £ 000 for 15% via Seedrs, and since then we have really started

“We completed our third year last year and made just under £ 500,000 last October and are set to do £ 1.4m this year but who knows what will happen after being on Dragons’ Den ? We really hope this will help the business take off “

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