Model revealed she was a victim of so called eWhoring, sharing her story in new BBC documentary

In the document, When Nudes Are Stolen – airing Wednesday night (April 7) on BBC One – former model and glamor influencer Jess Davies explains how her images were stolen and used online by questionable websites

Her images, including topless photos, were sold in “packs” for as little as $ 15, the idea being that crooks could buy a bank of snapshots so they could pretend to be a real person. p>

As part of the program, Davies, 27, meets cyber expert Scott McGready, who says crooks are exchanging images “as if they were Pokémon cards or baseball cards”

He tells Davies that there are entire online eWhoring communities dedicated to exchanging these photos, teaching others how to put them together to sell them.

Davies visits one of the forums to ask if any of the anonymous users recognizes his photo – receiving a response to inform him that a 100 pack of his images was on sale

She said: “Seeing this message pass, I just feel disgusted that he recognized me

“To know that my images are being sold on eWhoring sites for $ 15 a pack, I think,” Wow, you are ruining my life for $ 15 ‘

“I think if you saw this happening in real life, in the market, people wouldn’t believe it, but because it’s on the internet people don’t care, it’s just, it’s actually your fault “

Davies, from Aberystwyth, Wales, started glamorous modeling at 18 but decided to give it up

However, his images have since been shared worldwide – used for catfish, from the UK, Italy and Spain to Canada, Mexico and Australia.

She explains in the new film: “Some of these men can be quite relentless

“There are people who have been really rude and send abusive stuff to me because they are angry, or people love to bomb me, send me messages all the time I had to block people “

Davies even hired a private investigator to find out why her images kept appearing on the internet, not knowing at the time that she was a victim of eWhoring

She adds: “I feel so upset, but just angry that this could all happen and people just expect you to put up with it and act like it doesn’t matter

“There is nothing wrong with people choosing to do porn, but I never chose to have my photos on these sites”

When Nudes Are Stolen airs on BBC One tonight (April 7) at 10:45 a.m. The documentary will also be available on BBC iPlayer

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