Posted: 3:59 PM EDT April 8, 2021 | Updated: 5:06 p.m. EDT April 8, 2021

Barcelona football star Antoine Griezmann today celebrated a hat-trick of babies all born on exactly the same date for five years

This astonishing coincidence means the World Cup-winning striker will spend the rest of his life enjoying a triple birthday on April 8

Celebrating the arrival of baby Alba on Thursday, Griezmann tweeted: “Alba Griezmann on April 8, 2021 at 10:24 am”

Barcelona star Antoine Griezmann has become a father for the third time, with his three children now born on April 8 after welcoming Alba’s arrival earlier today

By placing heart emojis next to his words, he later confirmed that April 8 was also the date he welcomed his daughter, Mia, into the world in 2016, and his born son Amaro. April 8, 2019

The Barcelona striker was absent from training on Thursday in order to be present for the birth of his new child

Some fans had feared he was injured just days before their crucial El Clasico clash with Real Madrid, but he allayed those concerns by announcing that he had become a father for the third time.

Fans were left behind by the news and joked that Griezmann and his wife Erika Choperena (center left) would save money on birthday parties

The news that Griezmann now has three children all born on April 8 left fans stunned on social media, with one fan writing: “This is really crazy”!

Others were quick to joke that the Barcelona forward can now save money by only having to throw one birthday party for all of his children

One user said: “Good for him he only has two birthdays to remember April 8 and his wife ‘

Good for him, he only has two birthdays to remember April 8 and that of his wife

She is passionate about football and has attended all of her husband’s big games, including when he won the World Cup with France in Moscow in 2018

Speaking about his wife, Griezman said: “She’s cool, very straightforward like me When she’s got something on her mind you have to do it or you’ll be caught off guard She likes to laugh, she cooks me and does everything to make me feel good ‘

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