She is married to architect Mark Hines, getting married in 2011 The couple live together in their home in Southwark, London, and they have no children

Lucy says she became fascinated with history from a young age and graduated with a first-class degree in ancient and modern history from New College, Oxford in 1995

In 2001 she received her doctorate from the University of Sussex and received an honorary doctorate of letters from the same institution in 2015

In addition to being a writer and TV presenter, she is also curator and joint chief curator at Historic Royal Palaces

Lucy has hosted dozens of documentaries And has served as a talker on various story-based programs

The majority of her shows have been broadcast on the BBC, but she has also hosted several shows for The History Channel

His documentary successes include Inside the World of Henry VIII, A Very British Murder, A Very British Romance

And also The Real Versailles, Jane Austen: Behind Closed Doors and now Blitz Spirit with Lucy Worsley

Her history books include: Queen Victoria: Daughter, Wife, Mother, Widow, If the Walls Could Talk: An Intimate History of the House, Jane Austen at Home: A Biography and Cavalier: The Story of a 17th century Playboy

Blitz Spirt is a unique documentary that explores how six ordinary people helped foster and promote the Blitz spirit during WWII

Between 1940 and 1941, the Nazis strategically dropped bombs across the UK – East London being the hardest hit

Lucy traces each of their stories and how each unsung hero played a vital role in their community

Writing for The Telegraph, Lucy explains that she couldn’t help but make comparisons between the Blitz and the current COVID-19 pandemic

Lucy writes: “But what I wanted to do the most in the program was celebrate the work of the Blitz volunteers who – in addition to their daily work – gave of their time as guardians of the ARP, firefighters and nursing assistants

“It is based on the diaries of six real ‘ordinary’ individuals who have done extraordinary things for others in times of crisis, as is happening now, in our communities, in our vaccination centers and in the NHS

“Both groups of volunteers, then and now, put themselves in danger, on the front lines, so that – as the WWII slogan says – the rest of us can keep calm and continue “

Lucy Worsley

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